ISO Conducts The First External Remote Audit with Southville, No Non-Conformity Findings (100% Passed)

ISO Conducts The First External Remote Audit with Southville,  No Non-Conformity Findings (100% Passed)

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) proudly announces a successful surveillance audit conducted by TUV Rheinland, a global service provider for International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Despite the pandemic that has been halting organizational operations worldwide, Southville ensured unstoppable quality service as an institution which has earned respect and recognition from ISO for the past 16 years. The ISO highly commended Southville’s Board Examinations results for higher education – 100% in Licensure Exam for Teachers (for 7 Consecutive Years), 100% in Licensure Exam for Nurses (for 5 consecutive years), 100% in Licensure Exam for Psychologists, Above National Passing Rate for other board programs. Among the other areas audited are Southville’s delivery of online academic programs, customer management, IT infrastructure.

Dr. Ruel Cajili, Deputy QMR and Southville’s College of Psychology Dean shared that this year, Southville has had the highest number of positive findings and fewest points for improvement in the history of Southville with ISO. 

“Remote audit took place for two days for the four sites: Luxembourg, Munich, STAR and SISFU. The scope covers: Development and Delivery of College Education, International Education and Support program for Preschool, GradeSchool and HighSchool (Sites 1-3); Delivery of Transnational Education for Undergraduate, Graduate Programs and Higher National Diploma Courses (Site 4). Southville went through rigid preparations before the surveillance audit. Capability Assessment was conducted last June 29 to assess whether the organization is ready for a remote audit. The assessment was conducted by Dr. John Faustorilla, one of the lead auditors of TUV Rheinland. This is crucial as SISC needs to assure readiness for remote audit to take place, since external audit has been extended three times.This is a routinary activity that Southville does. In all systems, this had to be practiced and sustained. Internal Quality Audit is done yearly before the external visit. Management review is done as well. Systems, documents, processes and work instructions are regularly reviewed through weekly meetings, FGM, DAP, COD and Mancom. Southville had been very committed to “quality” and to go beyond  the 9001 standards with customized services offered. Regardless of any situation, quality is already manifested in Southville’s system. Virtual online transition is seen as an opportunity. This gives the organization flexibility to extend the quality of education in a more diverse manner. The commitment that everyone has shown proved that quality has already become a habit among us.”

Southville keeps up with the latest international standards to retain its best practices and develop approaches and strategies compliant to the global qualifications of the academe. The institution has been promoting technological advancement in its curriculum and strengthening the diverse capabilities of its workforce contributing to Southville’s excellent and growing international reputation. Standards are defined by ISO as “a formula that describes the best way of doing something”. It ranges from product/services, strategies, systems, and outcomes to name a few. Southville adheres to ISO’s Quality Management Standards for many years and continues to set a higher standard of achieving ISO certifications on its quest for quality education. 

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