LPDH: Southville’s Home Ground Advantage

LPDH: Southville’s Home Ground Advantage

The Las Piñas Doctors Hospital (LPDH) has always been a “home ground” for the BS Nursing students of Southville International and Colleges, College of Nursing since 2007. Aside from being located just across the campus’ college building, LPDH is a full-service medical facility with a diverse mix of patients providing a valuable benefit for the nursing students in their related learning experience.

Merle Christina Minas, a BS Nursing student Class of 2023, claims that her initial clinical immersion at LPDH during her 2nd year in the Nursing Program had provided valuable opportunities that helped her hone her nursing skills and gain much needed confidence. She narrated that the duty rotations she had in Station 3 and the Operating Room were memorable. It was where she performed most of her hospital skills for the first time well-guided by her clinical instructors and supported by hospital staff. In addition to honing her nursing skills, the clinical rotations at LPDH also provided her opportunities to sharpen her skills in communicating with clients of different ages and walks of life.

It is an added advantage to have Southville International School & Colleges’ base hospital for their Nursing Program located right in the heart of their familiar locale. To be able to serve patients coming from their very own community can be quite rewarding. As Merle claims, “I feel fortunate to have been given this opportunity to gain my nursing practice experience with my BS Nursing group mates in a clinical facility where we could do our hands-on learning activities and feel the special impact of our care as we are somehow contributing and making a difference in a place close to home.”

Through the years, several College of Nursing, BS Nursing graduates have found special advantage in choosing to practice as professional RNs in LPDH after graduation before venturing to explore the world.


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