Message to Southville Nursing Alumni

Message to Southville Nursing Alumni

Southville College of Nursing has been obtaining a hundred percent passing rate in boards for six consecutive years. Notable graduates landed on top spots making Southville a competent Nursing institution, South of Manila. While academic excellence has been its long suit, both its licensed professionals and aspirants strongly live by their creed to serve and save communities. In this trying time, Southville College of Nursing commemorates the commitment of its members who are bravely battling the current crisis which has affected the life course of mankind hence shutting down global operations in almost all industries. Southville College of Nursing Dean, Ma. Carmelita Villegas, expressed her gratitude to nursing practitioners, once prodigies, whom she had groomed to become heroes. In her message, Dean Carmel said, “At this point, I want to let you know that what you are achieving transcends the human spirit, it is already responding to a Divine calling.” 

Southville International School and Colleges always prides itself with homegrown leaders of today yet this is also the very season of “homegrown heroes” taking the lead, comprising the current students and licensed nursing professionals Southville has produced. As most industries are driven by technology, business, and arts ethos, the primary care sector seems to retain its utmost value and importance to the entirety of the world’s existence — proven in this journey of discomfort. While people from different walks of life are collectively obliged to the worldwide quarantine, healthcare professionals are at risk as they face the most challenging part of their divine calling; even if it means risking their own safety. Southville believes that its people will thrive against the threat of COVID-19 as they have always been guided by the institution’s core values, the 5Cs – Character, Competence, Collaboration, Creativity, and Commitment to Achieve. 

Message of Dean Carmel to Southville Nursing Alumni

To my dear amazing SISC Nurses all over the world, I hope my heartfelt message reaches you. This is one time that I regret not having an FB account because I just get to hear your stories, only through Ms. Astrid, Ms. Liza or Ms. Maj. Early this morning I stayed up to listen to a spiritual meditation which compelled me to compose a message for all of you. 

Although we are all spread out far and wide, I want to let you know how you have all remained dear and close to my heart. You have made me so proud, amidst this crisis you are all braving the storm with your lives, continuously answering the call to care and serve with compassion in the dangerous front lines. 

I know that you are not only physically tired and fragile, but also, scared and anxious. At this point, I want to let you know that what you are achieving transcends the human spirit, it is already responding to a Divine calling. You, dear nurses, have been aptly described in this meditation text as… “exemplary companions for the journey, who, even though fearful, have reacted by giving their lives. This is the force of the Spirit poured out and fashioned in courageous and generous self-denial. Ordinary people – often forgotten people – who do not appear in newspapers and magazine headlines nor on the grand catwalks of the latest show, but who without any doubt are in these very days writing the decisive events of our time.” 

You, SISC RNs are our homegrown heroes. Continue to encourage one another and draw strength from the thought that we, in the College of Nursing, are all praying for you relentlessly. 

I hope that you can still find peace and solace in our Southville Invocation (from Psalm 23), The Lord is my shepherd… He gives me new strength. He guides in the right way as He promised, even if that way goes to the deepest darkness, I will not be afraid of the Lord because You are with me. Your shepherd’s rod and Your staff protect me. I am sure your goodness and kindness will follow me every day of my life until Your house becomes my home, forever. 

Stay well by God’s grace. 

Warm regards,

Ma. Carmelita Villegas
Dean, Southville College of Nursing

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