Nearing “Breakthrough” Amid PBA Delay Rookie & Southville Alumnus Carl Ravanes Is Almost There

Nearing “Breakthrough” Amid PBA Delay Rookie & Southville Alumnus Carl Ravanes Is Almost There

To make it to a national basketball league is most little boys’ dream. Yet, just when one thought that years of hard work will finally set forth, the waiting is more likely to be close to burning a time-out to set-up a play. 

The supposed PBA season kickoff usually held in April has been postponed until further advice on quarantine. The said league declared the third respite which is likely to keep its players in longer hiatus. For the veterans, it could be a relief to have longer days of preparation as they reflect from past performances. But for rookies like Carl Ravanes, a Southville alumnus, the waiting game is downright frustrating. Confident that any time the league resumes, he is more than ready. Ravanes has been counting the days whilst managing his expectations and learning to take things as they come. 

The PBA Opening reversal this April in the middle of ECQ’s second season is the worsening threat of the pandemic to the sports industry – one of the most affected businesses. However, Ravanes has developed the right attitude to turning setbacks into opportunities. Grit was a key trait to his life as a student-athlete when he was in Southville. It wasn’t all victories that he experienced with his team; an experience that taught him to celebrate the journey more than the trophy. This has been translated into more twists and turns even after graduation as he navigate through his playing career. In the court, Ravanes displays a versatile performance having played as guard, forward, and eventually center

I was lucky enough to guide and coach Carl during his early basketball years. He is a very smart player — has a high basketball IQ, both offensively and defensively. He makes sure that he gets the job done. Overall, he is a great teammate, on and off the court. Definitely, he is a Southville Royalty.

John Paul Ycasiano
Asst. Coach Varsity Team
Head Coach JV Team 

He never indulged in comfort nor feared a drastic change in his role. Including high-pressure games, this is how he discovered himself further as an athlete. He would soak up anything basketball-related the moment he realized PBA would be his ultimate goal. After a series of wins and recovery performances with the Southville varsity, he started believing that he could someday play with the country’s bests.  He looked up to veteran PBA star player Jimmy Alapag but not for his rank nor his popularity. 

I simply share with him a special trait. He wasn’t the tallest, the biggest, and not even the strongest. He was simply a hard working athlete who did whatever he could  to excel. I developed the same mental approach to this sport when I was still in Southville. My team would always fight and compete until the very end regardless of the outcome. 

Carl Ravanes started in Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) at the age of 11 and finished high school from Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU) where he earned a Merit Award. Currently, Ravanes continues to train and stay in shape toward the anticipated return of the PBA.

Message to Southville

To my Southville family, I’ll always be grateful for the experiences, the lessons, and the memories I’ve shared with the institution for the seven years I was with you. I believe that Southville is capable of producing leaders and movers of society that are not limited only to academic achievements but also venturing to professional sports. I hope I won’t be the last Monarch to pursue a career in professional sports and I hope that I inspire  young kids to believe in themselves, to work hard, and chase their dream. 

Carl Brian V. Ravanes
Southville Alumnus

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