On the Rise: Southville Institute of Tourism (SIT)

On the Rise: Southville Institute of Tourism (SIT)

The College of Tourism, now Southville Institute of Tourism or SIT celebrated the latter’s new identity catering to a broader and more diverse practitioners comprising the Tourism and Hospitality field. SIT represents quality Service which students master for a better customer satisfaction, Interpersonal Skills which students attain as they deal with all types of clients across the globe, and Training which focuses on a more practical approach advancing their knowledge on real situations that they will encounter when they officially get into the industry. The launch of its renewed brand  serves as a fresh grasp of its top features such as making tourism development plan, destination marketing plan, and environmental conservation projects encompassing their outcomes-based requirements.

New areas were explored adding up to this exciting transition. The team specifically mentioned that one of its best practices is the increase on the number of hours student render solely in their practicum. This is a result of the project-based approach of learning that the team strictly imposes in their restructured program. There is an expanded network in the industry from private to public offices which guarantees students access to different sub-areas under this field to variegate their competencies. As the team commends, “We are highly exposed to various tourism and hospitality sectors for their practicum/on the job immersion”. To heighten such qualification, SIT commits opportunities allowing its students to manage work, travel, and internship here and offshore; a local and international exposure made mandatory by the institute. Beyond the regular classroom set up, students will experience firsthand the industry practices through direct application of skills they learn outside the vicinity of Southville. Moreover, competitions and research presentations enhance students’ written and oral capacity in skills exhibition.

The SIT has produced graduates conquering five-star hotels, leading airlines, and cruise industries. Affiliate firms testify to the promising performances demonstrated by the SIT trainees-turned-employees. The institute is also on the lookout for an upsurge on the curriculum’s standards making it in line with the modern-day tactics implemented in this course. As of now, we are affiliated with USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia providing opportunities for students who want to further their studies and experiences abroad.

“It’s definitely will be an exciting year for the college of Tourism, with the new brand on the rise – “Southville Institute of Tourism”. The vision of the institute is to be a leader in the development of professionals in the field of hospitality management. The institute aims to produce 5 star quality students who will be ready to take on the challenges of the hospitality industry. The enhanced curriculum will provide hands on experience imparting training in both practical and theoretical aspects of the BS Tourism Management. Competent faculty and guest lectures from leaders in this industry give the course its cutting edge as we aim to work closely and proactively with the industry to address the need of the highly skilled manpower.” – Ms. Nancy de Guia, Dean, Southville Institute of Tourism.

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