Patient Care to IT: Jerald Bartolome Shares His Nursing Journey

Patient Care to IT: Jerald Bartolome Shares His Nursing Journey

The foundation of a career is essential to its success. This is true for many professions, including nursing. For Jerald “Jhay” Bartolome, his career’s foundation began here at Southville International School and Colleges – College of Nursing (SISC).

Starting his professional career at the Methodist Healthcare System, Jhay worked as a Patient Care Tech in a Cardiac Telemetry Unit while preparing for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). After passing, he became a Registered Nurse on the same unit and worked his way up from a night shift staff nurse to a day shift charge nurse. His hard work and dedication were recognized when he received the Rising Star Clinical Excellence Award. The award is given to those who successfully transitioned into professional nursing.

Jhay’s love for nursing didn’t stop there. He underwent cross-training to work in the Progressive Care Unit to earn a national certificate for Progressive Care Certified Nurse (PCCN). He soon transitioned to a new field in Nursing focused on technology and information management. In his role as a Nurse Informaticist, Jhay utilizes his knowledge of Nursing to improve the health system and work processes through technology. His role is extensive that it supports 8000 clinicians in 9 hospitals in the US.

The theoretical foundation in nursing that he received at SISC has been invaluable in his career. The practical experiences he gained in his various clinical rotations are still some of his favorite stories he shares with his colleagues today. 

SISC has played a significant part in who he is now, both as a nurse and a person. Under the guidance of Dean Carmel Villegas and the staff of the College of Nursing, Jhay takes pride in where he has been and what it now allows him to do.

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