PERFECT and TOP Scorers at TOEFL A.Y. 2018 – 2019

PERFECT and TOP Scorers at TOEFL A.Y. 2018 – 2019

Extensive vocabulary, fine diction, and concise communication skills fit the bill at the international corporate world and academic affiliates. Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) hones their diverse students to become top-notch communicators both in oral and written discourse. Employees, faculty, and parents commit to the maximum progress of the students’ communication excellence solely through the English language.Thus, relevant programs for its strict pursuit have been aligned to the institution’s curriculum.

Speak English Drive (SED) is one of Southville’s major practices followed by its students and employees on campus. The English language is on top of major conversations in every corner of the school among different nationalities. Southville has been gone to by native speakers who are now globally competent communicators in their respective fields. Such strict compliance to the rule has further qualified its students for the annual Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). This academic year, 24 PERFECT scorers and 25 TOP scorers dominated the  exam in the Junior Tests and Institutional Test Program (ITP) respectively.

More than a practice, the school provides an in-depth preparation for the students in various categories. The English Department team begins with the TAILORED ACTIVITIES designed for the different coping abilities of each test taker. Each activity is determined by their level of fluency, areas of improvement, and learning capacity. To make it more engaging, students gather for the annual ENGLISH FESTIVAL to creatively showcase their love for the English language on exciting activities such as plays and literary challenge. The training then is extended to the test taker’s routine outside of Southville through LEXILE BOOKS covering holidays and summer. GRASPS – Goal, Role, Audience, Situation, Product/Performance, and Standards, a big project that leads to the completion of the long-term preparation.  Lastly, an AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT of their familiarity dimension is preferred over the traditional approach so that they will not be limited to the structured monitoring of such advancement.

Evidently, students are more eager to ace the TOEFL as it secures access to 10,000 colleges and universities in 150 countries. TOEFL is one of the programs Southville provides to assure quality service of global education to its students.  The TOEFL® test is the most widely respected academic English-language test in the world and Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) is the first school in the Philippines to integrate the TOEFL® tests in its curriculum.


(Gr. 6 – Perseverance)

Joshua Ervin Bautista and Alexi Mariela Esteban  

(Gr. 7 – Resilience)

Marielle Anne Arevalo, Raven Breanna Maat, Lauren Mattea Masilungan and Robert Jeremiah Rivera

(Gr. 7 – Kindness)

Marc Adrian Dikit

(Gr. 8 – Integrity)

Shane Allison Climacosa, Angelique Joy Delgado, Zoe Gesmundo, Finn

Mead, Ian Luis Mercado and Neel Sharma  

(Gr. 8 – Empathy)

Clive Jarel Ang

(Gr. 9 – Compassion)

Mikhail Astin Alzona, Io

Carpiso, Miguel Garcia, Alyza Beatrice Kim, Zy Lovepreet Kumar, Samantha Tricia Lobien, Antwone Santino Ong, Patricia

Therese Salgado and Gwyneth Margaux Tangog

(Gr. 9 – Sincerity)

Beatriz Rodriguez

TOP SCORERS (Institutional Testing Program)

(Gr. 10 – Commitment)

Cuitlauzina Brianna Cerbito, Greg Sean Guido,

Sebastian Jimenez, Therese Jovellana, Kim Jungkyu, Lee Yeon Woo, Rueben Byron Maat, Patricia Angeline Mercado,Keneisha Janice Pinto and David Jacob Ramos

(Gr. 10 – Prudence)

Jonathan Banaynal and John Keith Qui

(Gr. 11 – Competence)

Julianne Casbadillo, Daniel Dacanay, Dale Pons Gregorio and Michaela Martin

(Gr. 11 – Efficiency)

Heart Belle

Fermin, Whaqyn Olalia, Kurt Ranedielle Santos and Yoo Chae Hyun

(Gr. 11 – Excellence)

Felipe Pono II

(Gr. 11 – Innovation)

Aldrin Jasper Belong

(Gr. 12 – Diplomacy)

Renz Leobert Del Rosario

(Gr. 12 – Grit)

Kim Hyoun Young and Iñigo

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