“Save Thy Mother Earth,” the Little Monarchs Uttered

“Save Thy Mother Earth,” the Little Monarchs Uttered

The Early Childhood Education (ECED) students from Munich and Star Campuses shine a light on the most pressing environmental concerns that affect us all during the 2019 Cultural Show. The little Monarchs from Nursery to Senior Kinder wore colorful ensembles and danced and sang their way into the heart and mind of their audience as a way of saving Mother Earth. In the process, they also displayed what they learn in school which is the 5Cs (Competence, Character, Collaboration, Commitment to Achieve, Creativity).

The students showed awareness and presented possible solutions to pressing environmental issues in their numbers.

They shared a deep ecological affection for the environment and a common goal to protect Mother Earth.

They came up with the best solutions for environmental problems at such a youthful age.

Capability knows no age as the kids displayed a growth mindset for addressing the poor state of the environment.

The students commit to stand side by side for a safer, cleaner, and nurturing future.

“The annual Cultural Show is intended to bring together young hearts towards a shared objective. The event provided a hive of meaningful activities to reinforce camaraderie among teachers and students who worked together for the children’s performances. This year, the Early Childhood Education Department (ECED) came up with a showcase of talents depicting a message for the world to offer such thoughtful regarding. We are a community of strong nations committed to SAVE MOTHER EARTH. We are one to move towards making our world a happier and safer place for everyone to live in.”
– Ms. Marie Vic Suarez
Basic Education, Principal

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