SEED Academy Welcomes Incoming Grade 11 Students and Their parents to its Senior High School Open House

Last February 04, 2017, SEED Academy held its Senior High School Open House for Grade 11 students and their parents this coming academic year 2017-2018. More than 70 students and their parents filled the 3rd floor of the Tropical Building as SEED Academy ensured to them that studying in SEED Academy would be their best choice. The message was conveyed in the welcome remarks given by SEED Academy’s President and Principal Mr. Robert Norberte, and the testimonies of Abigail Fortunado and Princess Joy Amen, two achieving SEED working students from Gr. 11-Macintosh. They explained to their prospective schoolmates how SEED Academy has been training them for the future world of work at a young age, instilling in their minds the concept of grit—perseverance, hard work and discipline. They also shared how the faculty and staff of SEED Academy have always been there for them, ready to teach and to offer a helping hand so they can develop a growth mindset both in their work and in their studies. They believe that they have become more competent since they entered SEED Academy. 

SEED Open House

The testimonials were followed by a presentation of SEED Academy’s greatest strengths—the TESDA accredited program of Computer Systems Servicing (CSS) leading to NCII certification, as well as the enrollment procedures and the scholarship programs. For the CSS program, SEED faculty member Aris Santos mentioned the need and demand for more ICT technocrats both in the Philippines and around the world, and how SEED Academy can equip them to become one. Indeed, SEED Academy, with its ICT-empowered facilities and utilization of blended and flipped learning through Moodle, Khan Academy, Google Apps and other online platforms, has always been in the lead in training students to become ICT experts in the field. Another faculty member Daryl Dela Cruz mentioned the benefits of enrolling in SEED Academy and the scholarship programs available to deserving students. 

SEED Open House

It was followed by a short inspirational talk from a SEED alumnus, Mr. Bernard Santos from Information Systems Management Batch 2016. Mr. Santos mentioned how SEED Academy has equipped him in so many ways, preparing him not just for future IT work but for life itself. He mentioned that SEED Academy has been successful in inculcating in him the 5C’s—Competence, Character, Collaboration, Creativity and Commitment to Achieve—principles and values that he still applies to his life right now, both as a student and as an IT practitioner. He also encouraged the parents to make a worthwhile investment in their children by allowing them to pursue education in SEED Academy. 

SEED Open House

After all the orientations, the Monarchs Dance Troupe showcased their talent to the crowd. They also showed that SEED students are not just studious and hard- working—they are also creative and talented. This was followed by a video showing the activities of SEED Academy this school year to let the audience know that SEED Academy is more than just a school but also a second-home to its students, faculty and staff.

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