Senator Pia Schramm Cayetano Shares The Role of Physical Education / Sports and Values Education in Nation Building – A Southville Webinar

Senator Pia Schramm Cayetano Shares The Role of Physical Education / Sports and Values Education in Nation Building – A Southville Webinar

The seemingly unceasing pandemic has forced all of us to confront a new and frightening reality. It is every person’s responsibility to turn it into an opportunity.

COVID-19 has left everyone reeling from its unending crises, but we can reclaim a sense of normalcy in some healthy ways that can also help to overcome today’s myriad challenges. Honorable Senator Pia Schramm Cayetano – a mother, lawyer, and triathlete hosted alongside Southville International School and Colleges an impactful webinar on the Role of Physical Education, Sports, and Values Education in Community and Nation-building. The Senator started the session by encouraging people to choose a sport or fitness activity that makes them look forward to doing it. “It’s very important that you love what you do,” said Sen. Cayetano, making it clear that getting into a certain activity must come from a strong personal desire to progress, accompanied with discipline, patience, and a great deal of audacity. 

More than just the physical development people gain from sports are the soft skills Sen. Cayetano also mentioned to be instrumental in becoming a responsible citizen and an effective leader – Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity (4Cs) which Southville’s core values similarly integrate – Character, Competence, Collaboration, Creativity, and Commitment to Achieve (5Cs). Despite the pandemic  taking its  toll on the entire functioning of the world, it is sports that she advocates the most, especially in the face of a crisis, to intensively reinforce one’s well-being until we come out of the pandemic stronger and better. The pandemic has brought life to a seeming standstill, but Sen. Cayetano promotes physical fitness as the path to health and wellness.

Sports has been cited to go hand in hand with any activity that requires teamwork and the values it teaches, especially to the youth. “As they get older, they start to understand its benefits, not just for health, but also in other aspects of life,” said Senator Cayetano. In her talk, she also reminded everyone of the subtle yet significant impact of Sports-participation, which is fun and satisfying. With a crisis of this magnitude, the strain on physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing is chronic and pervasive. Sports can be one healthy way to work through that strain, given the will and commitment of leaders and communities all working together to beat the pandemic. “The strain of COVID-19 is high on mental health. You can find the world of fitness at your fingertips with your body as your most important equipment. It’s how you use strength, speed, and agility in time of crisis,” the senator explained. 

Webinar participants shared their timely physical education concerns amidst the pandemic getting insightful feedback from Sen. Cayetano. The Q&A started with the concern for educators having to reinforce the value of PE, Sports, and Values Education in community and nation building during the pandemic. “[Make it] become part of the daily conversations and advocate in all ways possible. Encourage physical activity before the main agenda for the day. It’s getting people to do it by reminding them regularly,” Senator Cayetano advised. It was also raised that the pandemic has made it much more difficult for some people to get motivated, especially as we are all stuck at home. The senator humbly admitted that she does find physical activities hard to maintain given her schedule most especially. Yet, the senator said, “With the patience and discipline I have gained from being an athlete, I learned to persevere. My mindset is highly influenced by sports.”

The one-hour webinar informed and engaged the community of Southville and its stakeholders about the role, value, and sustainment of sports and physical fitness education amidst the challenges of COVID-19 and beyond. Southville is proud to advocate and support health and wellbeing throughout its community even as people stay at home.

Southville is grateful to Honorable Senator Pia Schramm Cayetano, The Senate’s Pinay In Action, for sharing her knowledge and passion with its virtual community of learners.


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