SISC Announces New President

SISC Announces New President

Southville International School and Colleges has appointed Ms. Jocelyn P. Tizon as acting president to advance the mission and vision of the school. Ms. Tizon graduated cum laude with a degree in Bachelor in Secondary Education, Major in Mathematics at Siliman University. She also holds a Master of Business Administration from American City University, Masters in International Hospitality Management at the Lyceum of the Philippines (2012), and is finishing a PhD in Management from the Lyceum of the Philippines, bringing to the position nineteen years of experience in senior leadership at SISC. She will succeed Dr. Marl Ferenal who has announced his intent to retire after a 19-year tenure as chief-executive. Before her newest appointment, Tizon has served as Executive Vice President and Vice President for Administration of SISC responsible for the effective and efficient management and delivery of administrative programs and services that promote the academic endeavors. Ms. Tizon contributed to SGEN’s affiliated academic organizations, headed several departments, and ventured on the necessary training to further exemplify her holistic ability to top Southville’s guild of diverse professionals.

She is influential in exacting academic endeavors sitting in the board of the SGEN schools which are the Southville International School and Colleges, Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign University, South Mansfield College, SEED Academy, and South SEED-LPDH College. Her areas of management expertise include Human Resource Management, Competency Profiling, Organizational Assessment, Strategic Planning, Policy Development, Leadership, and Management Development, Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management, and Training and Development. Recognized for her work, she has served as Executive Director of the Asian Association of School Human Resource and Management and Development Practitioners, Inc. since 1999. She is also currently the Assistant Executive Director for Government Academe Industry Network. Tizon has also taught in the MBA program of SISFU and SISC. She is also an approved tutor of the University of Chester, London.

There is no barrier on the hierarchy on how we get things done. As a leader, it is important that we engage the right and competent people and get them to share all their talents. Together, as one community, we bring out that excellence in each and every one of us. Everyone must have access to the support that they need.”  

As an active advocate in professionalizing human resource practices in the academe, she co-authored book and publications such as Strategic Human Resource Management: Local and Global Perspectives, Job Ranking and Salary Schemes in Philippine Schools, and Compensation and Benchmark Surveys in Schools in the Philippines.

Ms. Tizon also shares that she will further continue to engage people in all teams to be high performing as the school’s new president. Her strength lies on her intensive knowledge of people development and her thorough understanding of the academic field. She specifically has her eyes set on preparing the students with the relevant skills to succeed in the 4th Industrial Revolution. A bigger and more competitive community look forward to facing this new season to be led by one of the women behind the greatest milestones Southville achieved through the years. She is uniquely positioned to lead SISC into an exciting new era with her administrative experience and scholarly work.

“I believe that excellent quality programs and processes delivered by highly engaged people are necessary for the school to fulfill its promise of international education.”

Ms. Jocelyn P. Tizon

President, Southville International School and Colleges

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