SISC College of Nursing Gears Up for Global Opportunities

SISC College of Nursing Gears Up for Global Opportunities

The College of Nursing’s BSN program at SISC has always stayed true to its commitment to developing graduates who are globally competitive with a compassionate heart for service. Last Wednesday, April 3, 2019, during the regular assembly for the BSN Grand Mentoring & Lecture Series, in addition to the usual program took place. Representatives from three reputable companies came to present a varied & exciting nursing career opportunities.

The last company to present, Shearwater Health, based in Tennessee, U.S.A presented the Clinical Process Outsourcing model. The Shearwater representatives shared their personal experiences as registered nurses working away from the bedside. One representative stated, “It is a great opportunity to work in a CPO because somehow our nursing competencies are still utilized as we deal with medical coding, patient case records, medical records review, etc., plus the higher compensation package is a consideration.” They also mentioned about the favorable working environment as they are all professional nurses on the floor and the ability to achieve work-life balance is a priority in the company. Shearwater Health also presented the option they offer to their employees who want to enroll in their NCLEX Academy. It is an opportunity to earn a US license and be deployed in a US-based hospital if they choose to.

After the morning session, the students left the Multi-Purpose Hall happy and hopeful, eager to take on the challenges ahead.  The international demand for competent and compassionate nurses will continue to rise. SISC’s plans for a Global Enhancement in Nursing Education initiative is underway to better prepare graduates to be in the forefront, ready for the amazing opportunities that await them.

By: Kirsten Marie S. Locsin, BSN Class 2019

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