SISC College of Nursing Renews its Partnership with The Ruth Foundation Inc.

SISC College of Nursing Renews its Partnership with The Ruth Foundation Inc.

The Ruth Foundation (TRF) for Palliative and Hospice Care in Muntinlupa City is a community-based organization providing palliative and hospice care primarily for indigent individuals with advanced illness and home-bound elderly within the municipality of Muntinlupa, and neighboring cities in Southern Luzon, since 2013. SISC, College of Nursing established a promising partnership with TRC in 2019; however, the pandemic caused an untimely disruption. Graduates who were fortunate to have experienced immersing in care encounters during their undergraduate program considered it one of the many memorable experiences they will treasure. As Patricia Tayag, RN from BSN Class of 2020 relates:

“My Ruth Foundation immersion as a student made me realize that palliative care is more than just medical support, it’s about helping provide a peaceful and dignified way of attending to individuals with terminal illnesses. The faces and stories of patients we helped during the home visits are still so vivid and will forever be part of me.”

SISC College of Nursing’s Chairperson and Coordinators believe in the value of providing meaningful learning opportunities to young nursing students. These immersions will foster a deep understanding and appreciation for palliative and hospice care. Skillfully learning to provide comfort to vulnerable patients, alleviate their suffering, and offer appropriate support to their loved ones is a specialized area of nursing that will address goals for improving the overall quality of life.

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