SISC CommSoc Joins United Nation’s World Book and Copyright Day

SISC CommSoc Joins United Nation’s World Book and Copyright Day

The Communication Society (CommSoc), an organization of BA Communication majors from Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) mounted a series of activities as part of the celebration of the United Nations World Book and Copyright Day dated April 23 – April 26, 2019. The Reader + Writer Expo specifically happened last April 23 (Tuesday) at SISC Luxembourg Hall. The awarding ceremony took place  April 26 (Friday) at SM Southmall Activity Center.

In the event,students gathered for an on the spot story-writing contest, an art exhibit, and attended the book fair. Resource speakers from prestigious publishing industries were also invited to bestow their insights on reading and writing while performances from SISC’s multi-talented students further showcased the  illustrious artistic inclination of the Communication Society students.

The United Nations’ World Book and Copyright Day aims to promote reading and writing literacy through a collaborative practical application of its technicalities by merging people of great communication talent and skills in an event that will further engage them and a place where they can showcase their existing works. SISC, on the other hand, provides several avenues of theoretical and artistic cognizance for Communication Arts students to divulge their developing knowledge of the field.

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