Sixth-Grader Meets Senior High School Research Standards

Sixth-Grader Meets Senior High School Research Standards

Twelve-year-old Juan Alfonso Lobien upskilled his research inclination through the Portfolio Assessment for Southville Students (PASS) – senior high school level. His study aimed to determine the relationship between Khan Academy and Standard-Based Assessment (SBA) test results. Lobien believed that students achieve Higher Math Proficiency with the help of an online courseware such as Khan exercises according to a 2013 DOST study. Findings were based on profiling of students taking up Khan sessions, in particular with mastery level and time spent for the pre and post-test result of their SBA SAS. Respondents were of his age which made it easier to identify accurate results. Analysis of data were based on average, percentage, and the Pearson r Correlation which measures statistical relationship and association between two variables. The study revealed a positive increase for Khan “mastery level” and “time spent” respectively towards a better SBA SAS result. The researcher recommends continuous reliance on Khan Academy’s supplementary study guides aiding student progress and utmost potential. 

The Next Big Thing

Lobien is one of Southville’s top-performing students having joined several local and international competitions. He recently represented the institution as the youngest delegate at the World Scholar’s Cup in Yale University in 2019. He exceeded the output expected from a grade schooler and met the standards for a senior high school paper. He possesses a high level of critical thinking, communication (written and verbal), interpersonal, and organizational skills which all sums up the best quality of a competent researcher. Southville influenced his love for research through output-based activities, intensive reading, and comprehensive presentation activities. Lobien is mentored by Ms. Sarah Velasquez. 

“At the Grade 6 level, doing and writing research is no easy task. Reading related literature, understanding statistical tables and results, and interpreting, analyzing, and discussing results are tasks that would need competence in higher-order thinking skills, the growth mindset and the grit in finishing the rather tedious task, and the courage to speak in front to present what he has learned through the research activity. Juan was able to cultivate these qualities in him and that makes him a competent researcher. Further, he was able to accomplish all these through the manifestations of the 5Cs in him, his grit, and his growth mindset,” shared Mr. Jahrel Tampil, Southville Research Head. 

Southville Academic Technology Strategies (SATS)

Southville International School and Colleges offers and delivers technology-enhanced educational programs called Southville Academic Technology Strategies (SATS) as one way of ensuring student success in the 21st century. These strategies enable innovative pedagogy and information sharing through effective use of technology, thus, enhancing student learning and experience. SATS has changed the way students learn, teachers teach, teachers and students communicate, and home-school collaboration with parents. Khan Academy is Southville’s most recommended courseware supporting tailored instruction and a more personalized study aid. The school encourages a collaborative digital learning inclination among teachers, students, and parents for a more dynamic learning experience. The courseware not only suits students’ modern learning preference but also allows them to use technology productively

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