Southville Business School Partners with Wadhwani Foundation to Empower Entrepreneurs

Southville Business School Partners with Wadhwani Foundation to Empower Entrepreneurs

Southville International School and Colleges’ School of Business has announced a partnership with the Wadhwani Foundation, a global leader in entrepreneurship education. This collaboration aims to equip Southville business students with the essential skills they need to thrive in the modern business world.

“We are excited to partner with the Wadhwani Foundation,” shared Dr. Vic Manabat, Dean of the Southville Business School. “This partnership will provide our students with the skills to not only succeed in traditional careers but also pursue exciting entrepreneurial opportunities.”

A core component of the partnership is the Wadhwani Entrepreneurship Network (WEN) Ignite program. This 14-week program provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to foster essential skills like creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Professors Gain Valuable Tools

Southville’s business professors are also reaping the benefits of this partnership. Mr. Jose Nestor Guevara II, a Business Administration professor, recently participated in the WEN Ignite Educators Training program.

“The training was transformative,” said Mr. Guevara. “It equipped me with new resources and methods to enhance my teaching. I gained valuable insights into incorporating real-world examples and using technology for experiential learning.”

Equipping Future Business Leaders

Southville business students are already benefiting from the WEN Ignite program. The program offers a practical understanding of the entrepreneurial journey, from idea generation to execution.

James Henry Delgado, a BS Entrepreneurship student, shared his experience. “The program has been instrumental in my development as an entrepreneur,” James Henry said. “I gained valuable knowledge and skills to develop a plan for my future business.”

The WEN Ignite program complements Southville’s existing business curriculum, which includes courses in marketing, accountancy,  finance, and management. This well-rounded education ensures graduates are prepared for a variety of career paths.

Looking Ahead

The Southville Business School-Wadhwani Foundation partnership is a significant step forward in preparing future generations of Filipino business leaders. By combining Southville’s academic excellence with the Wadhwani Foundation’s expertise, this collaboration is set to make a lasting impact on the Philippines’ business landscape.

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