Southville College of Nursing is Back to a Better Normal

Southville College of Nursing is Back to a Better Normal

The Southville College of Nursing is excited to welcome its students and faculty back on campus approved and endorsed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). November 29, 2021 marks the start of the final term of the 1st semester with BSN III and IV who will be grouped in scheduled sessions to do their OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) like a nursing skills audit.  The initial trial is only for skills audit/assessment of the first semester, said Dean Carmel Villegas, of the College of Nursing. 

Southville passed as it complied with the strict CHED-DOH and IATF guidelines, safety protocols, and procedures. The Southville College of Nursing mounted an exemplar al fresco set-up, a first of its kind. The institution’s resources have been optimized in terms of safety standards: ventilation, floor area capacity, and manageable student ratio.

The Southville College of Nursing has long pursued to go back on track to a better normal, blending in the virtual and the traditional set-up. It has provided the faculty and students with efficient and effective modes of undertaking the teaching- learning process in the BSN program. 

Protocols and Procedures of the Initial Face-to-Face Classes 

Within the week based on their RLE (Related Learning Experience) assignment schedules students are required to come to attend a F2F OSCE. Prior required documents (Vaccination Record, Proof of Age, Proof of Medical Insurance, Notarized Waiver) should have been submitted to the Crisis Committee Officer. A health monitoring form should be accomplished by the student prior to their F2F schedule.  A general student-faculty orientation was conducted by the Clinical Coordinator before the end of the Midterm.

There are 6 fully equipped Nursing Stations designed for a specific cluster of nursing skills. Students were given a copy of the area map and directional flow to follow during the orientation. 

Students will be given online instructions by their Clinical Instructors prior to the day of their skills audit. There will be 5-6 students assigned per day with 5-6 Clinical Instructors manning each station.

Students are responsible to come in prepared with the necessary safety paraphernalia and their personal medical equipment. The session starts promptly at 7:30am. Each student will have to go through each station discussing thoroughly the case study presented and performing the clinical skills required within the given 15-20 minute allotment. Careful sanitation of each station will be done every change of student. Time intervals breaks can be used for bathroom breaks or taking light snacks in their assigned waiting area. A safety officer monitors the venue to ensure guidelines are followed.  

The daily skills audit is scheduled to finish by 12:30n in time for the students to exit the venue and go straight home for lunch. Prior to going home and after the post conference, students will again fill a health declaration with a temperature check. The security officer will also log-out the time the student leaves the campus for documentation.

The Southville College of Nursing prides itself with a hundred percent board exam results and has sustained its brand as “A School of Choice for Quality BS Nursing program, South of Manila”. The Southville College of Nursing maintains a strong student organization, the Southville International Organization for Nursing (SION) alumni connection here and abroad, and embodies a strong commitment to its vision: world-class nurses with a heart