Southville Finishes Third Place in an International Business Plan Competition

Southville Finishes Third Place in an International Business Plan Competition

The only Philippine Team finalist made up by Southville BS Entrepreneurship students recently won at the ProVeg International , a non-government organization domiciled in Germany with four country offices respectively in Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom. It aims to address dietary campaigns to prevent the increasing number of serious health issues such as cancer and heart diseases through innovating plant-based products. This year, ProVed Asia launched the very first ProVeg Food Innovation Challenge that welcomed pioneer participants from all over the world including Southville’s very own, Keessy Almazan, Nadine Magnaye, and Venus Rubia who finished 3rd Place among participants from 13 Countries, 54 Universities, 125 Teams, and 16 Finalists. Southville is the only team from the Philippines that reached the finals. 

DupliciFood was the original concept that Almazan, Rubia, and Magnaye submitted; a plant-based product meat substitute – processed and pre-cooked. “It is healthier, affordable, and cheaper than actual meat,” the team shared in an interview. Yet these students found themselves at a stretch digging into better ideas having their first entry rejected. With the team’s commitment to achieve, they then came up with Juan & Juana (1N1A) Syndrome – an all-encompassing solution to worldwide social problems by integrating plant-based products supply-chain network with companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pledges in igniting a “green revolution”, nutrition awareness, and people empowerment. 

The team saw the lack in plant-based food campaigns in the country which led them to a nationalized systematic approach to Asian dietary practices instilled in the country’s food businesses particularly into supply-chain network companies. The team finally had their concept approved, defended, and won. Southville College of Business topped Philippine teams who participated at the ProVeg International “Food Innovation Challenge”, setting a victory record with their internationally acclaimed plant-based food solutions.

About the Team

Keessy Almazan, Venus Rubia, and Nadine Magnaye have always been teammates in group activities at Southville. Having gone through triads, business plan presentations, and S-Combinator, the girls have become more competent aspiring entrepreneurs as they embrace their formative years in college. Having a one-track mind possessing a keen interest in the said field, the girls cited Southville as their school of choice for their entrepreneurial journey. 

About the Coach

Award-winning business practitioner and industry expert, Prof. Jose Nestor S. Guevara II, is the person behind the growth and development of Almazan, Rubia, and Magnaye towards a phenomenal global recognition; another first for Southville College Division. Prof. Guevara’s holistic experience in the business and entrepreneur field has been a contagious foundation of such enthusiasm that his students would imbibe in his classes. He’s been in Southville since 2014, teaching subjects on General Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Human Resources. He specializes in Business Plan preparation and Market Research where he would scout potential business leaders having Almazan, Rubia, and Magnaye in current. 

Message from the Dean 

“The ProVeg Food Innovation Challenge is but the latest harvest in  Southville’s quest for international prominence through competitive activities. Since 2015, Southville has continued to prove its competence in developing global business entrepreneurs and business administrators. We are very proud of how our students have excelled themselves.”

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