Southville inks partnership with Korean university

Southville inks partnership with Korean university

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) and Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU) partner with Kangwon National University (KNU) to open new opportunities for their students in the fields of research, technology, and innovation. 

“It is a great privilege to be partnering with successful and inspirational centers of learning who share our passion to make students aspire more and believe there is a better future for them. We believe that in these times, cooperative partnerships with other institutions of academic excellence around the world is not an option, but a necessity,” said SISC President Jocelyn Tizon during the event. 

The ceremony is an important milestone for SISC and SISFU in their quest to produce new synergies and add academic value to their stakeholders. The partnership aims to strengthen the institutions’ commitment to offering their students and faculties a truly unique view of the increasingly interconnected world. 

 KNU is a  leading higher-education research institution and top-ranked Korean university in Gangwon-do Province, South Korea, with its world-class education, research, and industry-academy cooperation. 

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