Southville International School and Colleges Announces Graduate Studies Offering

For 25 years, Southville International School and Colleges has proven its steadfast commitment in providing the highest quality standards of international education to its learners. In line with its strong vision to produce globally competitive achievers and movers of society who will make a difference in the 21st century and beyond, SISC is very proud to announce that it is now offering Graduate Studies Program that are structured to provide advanced professional studies for learners and professionals; ensuring continuity of their strong academic and holistic edge and gearing them for the most sought-after global professions of today.

The Graduate courses offered are Master of Arts in Psychology, Master in Business Administration, and Master in Information Technology.

Master of Arts in Psychology
The Master of Arts in Psychology program adheres to an empirical model of integrating scientific inquiry with committed responsible practice of psychology. Graduate students are trained to do research on relevant issues in their area of specialization and apply skills in a major area of psychology.

Students are provided a high level of training to develop critical thinking skills, social engagement, professional integrity, and a pursuit for lifelong learning. Thus, this program aims to equip graduate students extensive psychological skills, competencies and theoretical knowledge with a strong foundation in psychology coupled with linkages in different psychological organizations, both local and international, to further enhance their competencies and expand perspectives in the practice of the profession.

Master in Business Administration

Regular Program
The Masters in Business Administration Program is a full 2.5 year program for Business graduates and working professionals who are in search of means to help accelerate their career development or to establish strong positions in their career paths. Through the use of innovative learning techniques backed up by the experience and knowledge of recognized mentors and industry practitioners, the MBA Program fuses rigorous academics with meaningful business experience, creating a synergy that will define the students’ time inside and outside of the classroom.Teaching methodology in the program will seek to maximize learning through academic work, industry immersion and online learning.

Special Executive Program
The Special Executive MBA Program of Southville International School and Colleges delivers a one-year innovative Masters Degree Program that is flexible and career focused. It is designed for those who have an undergraduate background in business and has occupied at least 2 years of supervisory position in any business. The curriculum not only serves to sharpen students competencies in leadership and decision making, it also adds a valuable dimension to the work of a manager as it relates to other areas of the business professions.The Special Executive MBA Program is a 36-unit, lock-step program that is completed in one year. Students typically enroll and finish one 3-unit subject a month for a total 12 subjects. The program is non-thesis, but proof of completion is done through an in-depth case analysis presentation which is done by the prospective graduate in front of a panel of his mentors. Areas of concentration include: Finance, International Business, Management, Management Science, Six Sigma, Management Science Consulting, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions.

Master in Information Technology
The Master in Information Technology (MIT) program emphasizes on the acquisition of theories and technologies preparing and enabling the student for the industrial practice of systems integration, systems administration, systems planning, systems implementation and other activities that maintain the integrity and proper functionality of a system and its components. Thus, the program aims to develop the knowledge of information technology (IT) theories, techniques and principles, and skills in using IT to provide solutions to problems of organizations and society.

The Graduate Studies Program is another milestone for Southville International School and Colleges. It is but another proof of the unswerving commitment of SISC to continuously develop industrious learners equipped with globally competitive skills.

From Basic Education to College and now with its Graduate Studies Program, the institution remains true to its dedication to excellence. There is no stopping SISC in breaking new boundaries and gearing the students towards global competitiveness and indisputable success with a relentless heart for service.

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