Southville Launches THREE New College Programs

Southville Launches THREE New College Programs

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) has launched three new degree programs namely BS Management Engineering, BS Computer Engineering, and BS Real Estate Management. The programs were chosen based on their global employability and expected growth rate. SISC looks at the career of its students five years from now, anticipating the upturn in the country’s economy and that of the world. 

BA Management Engineering

BA Management Engineering is a high-end business program that combines technical execution and business implementation. More commonly known as Industrial Engineering, the course focuses on management system design, software development, service analysis, information systems, and operations research. 

Career Path 

✓ Quality Assurance Inspector

Tests and classifies products or goods in production to ensure that quality standards are met in the production. 

✓ Industrial Designer

Plans and develops products, services, or experiences from concepts to packaging/application.

✓ Manufacturing Production Supervisor

Oversees policies and execution of plans by training and nurturing talents/employees towards a company’s goal. 

*among many others

BS Computer Engineering

BS Computer Engineering embodies the science and technology of design, development, implementation, maintenance and integration of software and hardware components in modern computing systems and computer-controlled equipment.

Career Path 

✓ System Engineer

Assesses systems, determines problems, provides solutions to issues that arise, designs systems, upgrades systems, maintains systems and brainstorms possible improvements that can be made to a system in the future.

✓ Network Architect

Analyze business requirements to develop technical network solutions with an appropriate framework.

✓ Applications Analyst

Administers, monitors and maintains software infrastructures and applications.

*among many others

BS Real Estate Management

BS Real Estate Management covers a wide-range of business opportunities in property ownership such as brokerage, investment analysis, and property-client appraisal to name a few. Graduates are prepared for licensure upon completion of the program. 

Career Path 

✓ Real Estate Broker/Consultant

Are licensed to provide expert advice and recommendation to clients looking to purchase and / or develop a property.

✓ Real Estate Appraiser/Assessor

Are licensed to examine property in order to determine its value at the time of the

sale or development . Assessors are hired by the Local Government Units to

determine the value of the taxes to be levied on the property 

✓ Real Estate Salesperson 

Are licensed to  help clients find or sell property and guide them through the process of finalizing purchases or sales. 

*among many others

Message from the SISC President: 

Southville believes in its calling to support the choices and paths of today’s generation of learners hence, we commit to expand our college offerings. Our new programs aim to diversify the opportunities for our graduates in the work field, here and abroad. We celebrate the continued success of our College marked with excellence as the youngest higher education institution in the Philippines granted Autonomous Status by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

I personally thank our parents, students, faculty, employees and partners for their trust and support in the last 31 years. 


– Dr. Jocelyn P. Tizon

President, Southville International School and Colleges (SISC)