Southville MA Psychology Pioneer Graduates Bag 100% Passing Rate in Boards

Southville MA Psychology Pioneer Graduates Bag 100% Passing Rate in Boards

Southville Psychology Division celebrates the conjoint success of the newly licensed psychometricians and psychologists from undergraduate and graduate levels. The BS Psychology (BSP) Division scored above the national passing rate which has further increased this year while the MA Psychology (MAP) Division debuted at a hundred passing rate attained by its pioneer graduates, class of 2019. MAP is one of the first set of graduate programs launched by Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) in 2017 attended by various professionals from different industries while the BSP Division has been maintaining its highly-rated board exam performance since 2016. 

Marinela PaulinoMasters of Arts in Psychology , Class 2019

“There is much to be thankful for, especially because Southville gave me the opportunity and support to accomplish what was expected of an MA Psychology graduate. Now that the uncertainty is gone, it’s time to give back. Not only can I relay what I have learned during review but I can also share what it took to stay in that review, because no one really mentions the larger, more personal side of it – that studying for the board exam requires all kinds of sacrifices and preparations outside of learning, note-taking, and reading the material. This opportunity to learn has also given me the chance to assess myself as a counselor; there is much to work on but I’m eager to improve my approach and try new things – anything to help our students get back on track. This is really just the beginning of it all, so thank you and let’s keep moving forward!”

Oscar Fuentes – RPsm
BS Psychology , Class 2019

“As a mental health advocate, it is truly an honor to be able to pass this year’s Psychometrician licensure examinations. All the sleep deprived nights, the sacrifices and the stressful moments have all paid off. It’s also an incredible feeling that from a person being helped as he goes through a tough battle with mental health issues, I’m now blessed with the opportunity to become one of the many professionals who can help and serve others especially in their time of great need. I was also thrilled and humbled at the same time when I found out I was the top scorer among our batch but I still know for a fact that I didn’t reach this point alone. The unwavering support of my family, friends, batchmates and mentors was the fuel that kept me going. I’m very grateful to Southville for providing me with new opportunities and being my safe haven as I climbed back up from my previous stumbles in life. Lastly, I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the College of Psychology. It’s through the culture of excellence our professors and mentors have established that enabled me to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and more importantly; the work ethic and mindset required to be able to reach this point. Para sa bayan! Viva Sikolohiya!”

“We are so proud of you. Truly, you have shown why we are Premier. Your commitment to pursue, hard work, and grit led you to this success. God made this happen. This was a dream now a reality. You serve as an inspiration now of the students who will soon follow your footsteps. Be humble and always remember the core reason of our profession. Let us use this to inspire and touch other people’s lives. More power to you all. Congratulations!”

Dr. Ruel Cajili
Dean | BSP , MAP

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