Southville Multimedia Business Class Conducts Workshop on Video Editing

Southville Multimedia Business Class Conducts Workshop on Video Editing

Southville International School and Colleges’ (SISC) 4th year Communication and Multimedia students recently hosted their 1st outreach for the school year entitled: “A Workshop on Video Editing”, as part of the school’s advocacy to give back to its adopted CAA community. The said event was held last September 24 at the Media Center as part of an activity for the students’ Multimedia Business Class.

Selected students from the CAA Senior High School arrived in Southville International School and Colleges on a Friday afternoon. As soon as the participants registered, they were given free school kits and were directed to CL2 for the first part of the workshop which enabled them to have a hands-on experience on video editing. Indeed, they were taught the basics of video editing by the 4th year MMA students.

Moving on, the second part of the program consisted of an application of the previous lesson. Students were able to assemble and edit several clips coming from MMA student Ron Daliva’s short movie entitled “Bye Bon”.

At the end of the session, students were given certificates of appreciation. In fact, this outreach was just the first part of a continuous program, as the selected 28 participants will be invited again for a follow up workshop.

Finishing with, let’s say it was quite a fulfilling experience for everyone, as students were able to bond and have fun together around an enriching lesson. Let’s quote from Irish Culintantay, a CAA senior high student: “Masaya po. Kasi yung last na pinupuntahan naming dito is yung gusto natin matutunan, yung video editing.  Masaya nung nilalaman natin na video editing yung pag – aaralan natin.”

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