Celebrating Grandparents Day: Heart & Sole Cardio-Fun Walk

Celebrating Grandparents Day: Heart & Sole Cardio-Fun Walk

Southville Celebrated Grandparents Day at Alabang Town Center recently. Karen Padilla-Tulfo of BSN Class 2022, shares her story of the event.


September 9 was, to put it simply, a walk to remember. The Grandparents’ Day celebration aptly titled “Heart and Sole”, was held in the Atrium of Ayala Alabang Town Center. It was well-attended by many a doting grandparent and not one frown was present in the crowd. Taking the reins of the celebration was Southville International School’s very own BS Nursing students, with their animated hosting and boundless energy, they effectively kept spirits up for the entire morning. Also present during the function were a multitude of enjoyable stations ranging from a rest and rejuvenation area to a group singing space; lectures too were given to the lolos and lolas about relevant topics concerning proper nutrition and mental health sponsored by Asian Hospital.

Additionally, a very spirited zumba session was held, inducing cheers and laughter from the crowd. To wrap up the event was the presentation of the “Super Lolo” and “Super Lola” awards given to especially outstanding grandfathers and grandmothers respectively.

Judging from the joyous faces of the celebrants while exiting the venue, it is safe to consider the event a grand success. Thanks to the efforts of the College of Nursing faculty and students, participants, and sponsors alike, the “Heart and Sole” event proved to truly be a walk to remember.

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