Southville OUTPERFORMS Schools in the South in CPA Boards

Southville OUTPERFORMS Schools in the South in CPA Boards

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) recently announced the  2019 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) board examination result recognizing top performing schools nationwide. This year, Southville International School and Colleges dominated schools in the south of Metro Manila and landed in the top spot in the South based on its overall performance. Southville achieved FOUR TIMES HIGHER than the national passing rate for first time takers, meeting its pursuit of being the top business school in the south. The institution only joined in 2016 debuting at a hundred percent passing rate attained by its pioneer graduates Class of 2015 and has produced industry-ready CPAs since. 

Southville provides an in-depth preparation for the board exam through a strict cut-off policy that screens a student’s qualification to meet the requirements of the licensure examination and faculty members who are  experienced accounting examination reviewers. The preparation intensifies as soon as students proceed with the official review process, internal and external. This superior performance demonstrated year after year speaks of the dedicated staff, committed and bright students, and extraordinary quality of education at Southville International School and Colleges. The College of Business has added another laurel to Southville’s board recognitions, which are a hundred passing rate for Nursing and Education and a hundred percent certification for Information Technology and Tourism. 

“Choosing Southville International School and Colleges to help and prepare me to become the professional I am today is one of the decisions I’m truly proud of. Just as much as a school aims to produce competent individuals, it should also give great emphasis on raising future leaders that are men and women of character and integrity. I believe that we could make this nation a better place if we view competence and character as equally important. Southville has developed in me the character, above anything else, that will drive my journey to success. During my earlier years in college, I experienced a lot of academic challenges such as studying for six hours straight at a minimum during the weekdays and will sometimes extend up to weekends just to prepare for an exam in order to keep up with the retention grade and my scholarship. Getting into a prestigious school like Southville is in itself a great blessing already but having a scholarship all throughout my college life is something I’ll forever be grateful for.”

Jeraldine M. Jardio | Cum Laude
Southville International  School and Colleges Alumna

Ranked 18 CPA Board Examination 2019