Southville Preschool Takes Pride of the Smartest Baby Boy


Rogelio Joaquin ‘J-Co’ Balisbisana is only three but he recently amazed the judges of Growee 2011 Baby Fashionista Philippines when he was awarded the Smartest Baby Boy 2011.

Currently a preschool student, J-Co is also engaged in swimming and culinary arts. He is also considering enrolling in soccer, one of Southville’s Worthwhile Weekend Programs.

J-Co is just one of the many reasons why Southville is continuously improving its curriculum and teaching methodologies. As what the vision of the school states, it is “committed to develop learners who will be Movers of Society, and who will make a difference in the 21st century.”


The Smartest Baby Boy J-Co might just be the next Mover of Society to watch out for.

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