Southville Psychology Students Win at PAPJA’S 35TH NATIONAL CONVENTION

Southville Psychology Students Win at PAPJA’S 35TH NATIONAL CONVENTION

The Southville Psychology Students won 2nd in the Psyclips Competition, one of the activities organized by the 35th  Psychological Association of the Philippines Junior Affiliates (PAPJA) Congress. The 2-day event held workshops both for professors and students & 3 contests which were: Psyclips (Video-Making), Best Undergrad Thesis, & Song Writing Competition. The theme for this year’s national convention was “RECALIBRATING PHILIPPINE PSYCHOLOGY: Towards a More Responsive Discipline in the Challenging Times.”

The video entry entitled: “Alalay”  was directed by Khyrzelle Grace Lorilla, narrated by Ethan Godwin Mangubat, and was edited and written by Marianna Sheen Canales, Khryzelle Grace Lorilla, Shanes Aleya Mendoza, and Juliana Julia Palma

“The video is a means of representing what has been practiced in the field of Psychology during the height of the pandemic as a means of extending help to those who were in need of mental health and psychological services. The pandemic has led to quarantines and lockdowns that have unfortunately affected everyone’s well-being, despite the terrible circumstances, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. This became a platform for psychology majors nationwide to contribute their expertise to the community, “ shares Julia. 

She added, “The video acted as a representation of what our field can offer to society, what is currently being done, and what other things we can improve on and take inspiration from with regards to the delivery of services to those in need of it. And how we can recalibrate psychology in these ever-changing technological times.”

The two-day workshop was an eventful learning experience for the students of Psychology. PAPJA’s annual national event aids in bringing together undergraduate Psychology students from different universities and colleges in the Philippines which serves as an important channel for sharing their recent developments and experiences in the field of psychology through the use of creativity as a medium.

Through this event, the Psychology students and professors of SISC grasped the opportunity to learn through the workshop called Positive Education: Reshaping the Heart and Reframing the Mind to be Happier, while also being able to portray their creativity and excellence in the competitions that were organized by PAPJA.