SOUTHVILLE Receives Awards from PACUCOA

SOUTHVILLE Receives Awards from PACUCOA

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) received awards for its achievements which includes the Philippine Quality Award (PQA) and the grant of the Autonomous Status during the 46th Founding Year of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commision on Accreditation (PACUCOA).

This year, 163 Colleges and Universities were invited with Southville as the only international institution recognized by a Philippine law R. A. 9493 among the attendees. New members of the PACUCOA Board of Directors were also elected alongside the ratification of amendments to the PACUCOA Constitution and By Laws Online. 

Honorable members of the board recently visited Southville as part of its on going application for another accreditation. PACUCOA Chairman, Dr. Conrad Iñigo commended Southville for its strategic initiatives and “quality” culture. “I am a witness to Southville’s productivity, quality, and metamorphosis from 10 years ago. Southville’s stories internalize its execution of Malcolm Baldrige towards outstanding result. I would like to guide Southville in its journey up to the highest level of accreditation,” said Dr. Iñigo during the visit. 

The simultaneous recognitions Southville has received this year is an affirmation of its commitment to quality management and competitive academic venture approaching it’s 30th Founding Anniversary in 2020. To date, Southville College Division is the youngest institution to be granted an Autonomous Status by CHED with only 16 years of operations among long standing colleges and universities in the country while SISC is the only international school offering programs from Basic Education to Graduate Studies to receive a Philippine Quality Award (PQA). Southville will officially receive  the Philippine Quality Award on December 9 in Malacañang to be awarded by President Rodrigo Duterte while the PACUCOA’S accreditation pronouncement awaits the institution by January. 

“If you want an excellent school everyone in the organization must be excellent. Southville is comprised of different ages, different nationalities offering different perspectives. We commit to producing AMAZING leaders of tomorrow. Our success in the global arena highly depends on the competence and unity of our students , faculty, and employees. We honor the old but we embrace the new,” shared Dr. Genevieve Ledesma – Tan, Southville’s Chief Executive Mentor and Founder.

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