Southville Receives Recognition from Philippine Daily Inquirer

Southville Receives Recognition from Philippine Daily Inquirer

The Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) sealed a continuous partnership with Southville as one of its school allies for its advocacy to empower the Filipino Youth. Southville has been passionately sharing its amazing stories for the last decade with one of the country’s premier news publications. Inquirer’s AVP for Corporate Affairs Ms. Connie Kalagayan commended Southville for its consistent creation of stories that feature global academic excellence and community linkages. These stories are featured in the Playgrounds of the Mind section exclusive for notable campus stories and academic chronicles. The partnership aims to encourage young Filipinos to provide a platform where students and teachers can express their opinion and retain strong student writing skills in the era of technology. While national broadsheets retain support from the readers, both organizations have taken innovative actions on the use of digital platforms allowing a more convenient access to “stories that matter”. Southville is looking forward to launching Southville Correspondents , a group of student contributors in the coming months in line with its mission to produce Movers of the Society in the 21st Century – through responsible  journalism. 

“Playgrounds for the Mind advocates youth empowerment. It aims to share credible content to the academe with the intention of helping the teachers and students develop critical thinking. It provides it school partners with an exclusive platform that focuses on positive stories. The section began in March 2008 with a target of 10 school partners and has increased since then with 77 members this year. Playgrounds for the Minds is published in the newspaper every Monday.” – Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI)

Some stories featuring Southville published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Attendees at the Inquirer’s iconic stairs during the Partner School Appreciation Day

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