Southville Stamps of Excellence 2021

Southville Stamps of Excellence 2021

Undeterred by the pandemic and lagging industries worldwide, Southville has been successfully moving forward and has welcomed the first quarter of 2021 with stamps of excellence from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC-USA), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP). Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) celebrates a successful summer visit, maintained certification, and new membership respectively attained in the global arena. The institution has been a familiar name to local and international accrediting bodies and associations recognizing  its reputable image as an international school. It offers a wide-array of academic programs from early childhood to higher education. 

Western Association of Schools and Colleges – USA


WASC-USA continues to hold Southville in high regard, specifically citing the prescient, forward-looking, innovative, and comprehensive changes and developments the institution has implemented amidst the era of coronavirus. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges, USA (WASC) assessors congratulated the entire SISC Community on the use of VOLT. While the school and management team organized the program, it is the widespread use of technology from the learners to the parents to the staff that is highly successful and impressive. The online delivery is world class.” (April, 2021). The report highlights a general feedback on the school’s fast response to the demands of the pandemic to fully transition online and how Southville, as an institution with a long history of online education, had all learning resources, materials, and technology tools available within a matter of days after the initial announcement of the quarantine. New members of the Southville community of learners include students and parents who are stranded abroad and have never been to the campus, yet Southville’s mastery of virtual classes left them satisfied based on feedback from regular surveys.

International Organization for Standardization 


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is one of the premier accreditations recognizing Southville’s delivery of global education since the late 90’s. The institution has ensured consistency towards quality standards from marketing, research, curriculum, safety, systems, and efficiency. Customer satisfaction and top management competence also holds firm to the 9001 requirements. It’s evident that high quality standards are sustained and maintained by the institution.  ISO 9001:2015 certifying body TUV Rheinland commended “the efforts of the teachers in handling VOLT online classes in the face of the varied behavior of students”, (August, 2020). Furthermore, the implementation of the happiness survey in the MOODLE learning management system user for SISC basic education and college students is noteworthy. Book “online” implementation for all students and teachers is commendable. The initiative to make research papers available in MOODLE (learning management system) and knowledge management system is commendable as well, (March 2021). “Quality has always been the top priority of SISC and SISFU. This is the core of our system. In everything that we do, we make sure that it is all for the sustainability of the Quality of the services that we offer to our stakeholders. They always come first, “ Dr. Ruel Cajili, Southvolle ISO Chairman shared. This year’s audit in particular highlights socially relevant aspects such as health and safety initiatives for employees ensuring steadfast performance and productivity to mitigate the general impeding threats of the virus and global crisis. Mental health management for both its staff and students reflected the school’s active and thoughtful response to COVID-19 towards the welfare of its community. Whereas all these commendations affirm Southville’s steady compliance to ISO’s expectations, the institution successfully retained ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Association of Universities in Asia and the Pacific – AUAP

As Southville continues to expand worldwide, its official membership in AUAP entitles the institution to empower and forge better connections with its Asian affiliates. Southville joins top universities in Asia such as Universitas of Indonesia, The University of Hong Kong, and The University of Cambodia. In point of fact, Southville has been graduating top-tier students who go on to earn first-class honors in colleges and universities in Asia and around the globe. This year, Southville will be hosting a hotly anticipated International Research Conference with invited speakers from renowned academic institutions across Asia and around the world. This is just one example of Southville’s hard work and collaborative efforts with Asian platforms in line with its vision such as the AUAP. And this official membership goes side-by-side with the recent opening of Southville’s first international campus located in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Southville reinforces its unceasing commitment to collaborate with neighboring countries and beyond advocating global education apace with strong international relations. 

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