Southville Students Excel in Global Essay Contest

Southville Students Excel in Global Essay Contest

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) students distinguished themselves in the global essay competition hosted by Their sincere sharing of the values they hold dear has been recognized and featured on the website, showcasing the global impact of their talents.

Julian Marius B. Hermanos, a student from Gr. 4 – Hope, emerged as one of the six most compelling essayists worldwide and the youngest winner in the competition. In his essay, “The First Lesson I Ever Learned Was to Never Give Up,” Hermanos emphasized the importance of perseverance as a core value. He shares his personal experiences and those of his ancestors to illustrate how perseverance has been instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving goals. Displaying his spirit of generosity, he has chosen to donate half of his prize money to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, in support of cancer patients like his Tita Mica.

Audrey Maeve L. Javier, a student of Gr. 4 – Humility, wrote in her essay the importance of humility in a world where everyone strives to be the best. Her essay “Shine But Stay Grounded: Why Humility Matters” was chosen as one of the exemplary submissions from outside the United States. She argued that while standing out is important, it is equally crucial to remain humble and grounded.

Adding to the list of achievers is Daenielle Tuico, a student of Gr. 11 – Diplomacy, who explored the challenges and triumphs of embracing one’s true identity in the face of societal expectations and judgment. She was honored as one of the exemplary essayists outside the United States with her piece on “Daring to be Different.” 

SISC Principal, Dr. Avic Suarez, expressed her joy and pride in the students’ achievements, linking their success to the school’s core values of Competence, Character, Commitment to Achieve, Collaboration, and Creativity/Innovation. “I am overjoyed and extremely proud of Julian, Audrey, and Daenielle. They have truly shone on this global platform and brought honor to our institution. Congratulations to them, and Southville!” she said. Read their essays at

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