Southville Students Occupy TOP Positions in National and Regional Tourism Organization

Southville Students Occupy TOP Positions in National and Regional Tourism Organization

The Junior Tourism and Hospitality Management Association of the Philippines (JTHMAP) has appointed BS Tourism Students Erolf Jolo De Guzman Feliciano as CHAIR (National) and Maryneilla G. Caramoan as SECRETARY (Regional) joining tourism and hospitality student leaders in the Philippines this year. Southville Institute of Tourism (SIT) celebrates this milestone where both of its students take the leadership position for a national organization across the country. JTHMAP aims to develop leadership opportunities, student engagement, conduct academic activities that will boost the learning and appreciation of tourism and hospitality disciplines and to uphold significant local industry practices in the global platform. The organization annually conducts a boot camp participated by students nationwide and conducted the activities virtually for the first time this year. 

Jolo’s Journey: More Than Just A Handsome Face

“I want to eliminate the stigma that a tourism practitioner merely has physical endowments; we, from tourism, have a lot more to offer beyond just that. Personally, there’s a sense of fulfillment when letting people know that underneath my looks is a person who is very goal-oriented – one who constantly strives for success even at the cost of failing over & over.”

Currently in third year, Jolo has been representing Southville Institute of Tourism in various academic activities. The campus crush has been captivating the Southville community with his pleasant personality and refined facial features. He also has the promising physique of a typical tourism student towering the elegance of an aspiring hospitality professional. But more than these attributes, Jolo has something more to offer; the Dean’s Lister is more than just a handsome face. Jolo went through the online application process the moment he knew about the election of officers conducted through a Zoom conference where he won via a unanimous decision. In his application, Jolo wrote why he should be this year’s JTHMAP Chair: 

“I am a student of character, creativity, commitment, and competence. I believe that this myriad of assets are suitable with the requirements of becoming this year’s CHAIR for JTHMAP student body. It is my passion to leverage my leadership skills to make a difference. With this, I vow to be an immediate contributor to the continuous growth and success of JTHMAP.”

Before the JTHMAP, Jolo has been expanding his horizon on activities that would hone his personal, academic, and professional growth. He has been affiliated and awarded at various events, productively making the most out of his three years in Southville. He is Mr. Southville International School and Colleges 2020, Destination Marketing 2nd Runner Up, Travel Writing 1st Runner Up among many more recognitions he has received. But the most important role he has taken by heart and mind is being the ambassador for Southville Institute of Tourism. With such experience, Jolo’s qualifications to take over the national leadership position is without question. From his humble beginnings in Southville, the JTHMAP Chairman is ready for take off.

“I’ve represented Southville Institute of Tourism to the best of my ability, especially through various competitions. In the field of tourism & hospitality, pleasant personality & intelligence compliment one another. Since the field is service-oriented, guest satisfaction is commonly the top priority. But more than good looks, intelligence is a great tool to help navigate through challenging situations that are demanding of one’s critical thinking.

Ella’s Journey: More Than Just A Beautiful face

Sophomore sweetheart Ella is still overwhelmed by what she considers a memorable boot camp held online for the first time. For someone who has less experience in a national gathering of the country’s most competent tourism and hospitality students, the journey was both a challenge and a blessing in disguise. “In a sea of 90 well-spoken and high-caliber tourism and hospitality student leaders representing their own respective universities and institutions, I was lucky to show my competency, ability to collaborate, and my creativity and make the most out of every activity,” Ella shared in an interview. She recalls the training for five Saturdays in a row that she had to juggle alongside her Virtual Online Learning and Teaching (VOLT) classes in Southville, and felt like she grew overnight during the quarantine. Ella may have a gentle facade but she also has a fierce outlook on navigating the unknown and raising the bar high for her overall progress. As this year’s Secretary for JTHMAP South Manila Region, Ella would like to retain her approach to being an effective student leader; someone who is composed under pressure. She does not favor things that are rushed nor half-baked. She’s a firm believer that a leader should not compromise quality work for on-time delivery. It has been Ella’s style both as a student and as a leader, apparently rewarding her in her endeavors, The truth is I am a laid-back person. I take things calmly. But that doesn’t mean I am lazy. I just want to remain calm so that I can observe and my mind can create ideas freely and broadly,” Ella concurred. As she got on board for the virtual boot camp, Ella set in her mind a personal end goal – to grow as a tourism student, nothing more. Just like in any training, she met new friends, shared her talents and skills … learned with them. But little did she know that her JTHMAP will change the course of her student life. The Saturdays no longer felt like a responsibility but rather an opportunity. More than expanding her knowledge about the field of tourism and hospitality, she discovered the potential leader that she could be. 

“This boot camp influenced me to grow not just as a tourism student but as a good leader who can connect to all the different social groups. I carry a vision, charisma, integrity, quality delivery, and sterling character.  But on top of these qualities, I possess emotional intelligence above all. It is my honor to represent Southville in a sea of 90 well-spoken and high-caliber tourism and hospitality student leaders representing their own respective universities and institutions.”

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