Southville Wins Global Excellence Award, the only Philippine-Based Institution So Honored

Southville Wins Global Excellence Award, the only Philippine-Based Institution So Honored

Southville celebrates another global milestone as the only institution from the Philippines and the only recipient of the Quest for Excellence award from the Global Performance and Excellence Award (GPEA) , 2021 – a formal international recognition of performance and business excellence which is an increasingly important tool in competitiveness towards global business success and sustainability. 

The GPEA wrote, “We are pleased to announce that thirteen role model organizations from six countries are being recognized for achieving significant milestones on their business excellence journey. They have demonstrated commendable to world class performance required of the three categories of the APQO Global Performance Excellence Awards. The GPEA which is primarily Baldrige or EFQM based provides a holistic approach to managing organizational success said Mangalika de Silva, President, APQO, and Chair of APQO Award Governing Council.”

Southville’s Global Accreditations Through the Years

Southville prides itself not just on its international curricula; it has also gained the respect of organizations across the globe such as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) USA, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the Investors in People (IiP), and the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP). 

WASC-USA has witnessed Southville’s integral advances to global learning since 2000. In its recent virtual visit, the assessors highlighted Southville’s mastery of virtual online education and its online academic operations citing the VOLT (Virtual Online Learning and Teaching) as “world class”. 

Southville’s continued adherence to quality through ISO standards since 2004 has resulted in the institution maintaining the 9001: 2015 certification, issued in 2018. Compliance with quality standards for marketing, research, curriculum, security, systems, and efficiency. ISO also commended the institution’s best practices for leadership, the context of the organization, planning, support, performance evaluation, and  overall improvement. Customer satisfaction and top management competency also meet 9001 requirements. 

Southville became an official member of the  Association of Asia-Pacific Universities (AUAP) in the same year.

The Southville Virtual Online Learning and Teaching (VOLT) Program

The VOLT program was unveiled to the Southville Community after the COVID-19 lockdown was implemented. VOLT is a combination of the institution’s existing digital learning expertise and adoption of the University of New South Wales International Standards for iiNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Teaching based on the best practices of Harvard Online Learning, Coursera, and MITx among others. Many of Southville’s faculty and selected key employees were equipped with online teaching certifications even before the pandemic,  followed by parents and students engagement to digital learning instructions, curriculum mapping/course design making, and the official launch of VOLT operations. Southville has had a strong foundation of technological advancements, staying ahead of the curve in digital learning in part by making regular use of analytics to assess the impact and effectiveness. Southville also prides itself on the increase in the performance ratings given by its students and parents namely Quality of Course Design, Faculty Competence in Delivering VOLT, and Students’ Satisfaction in AY 2020-2021.

Celebrating Greatness, Compassion, and Globalism in the Pandemic

(A.Y. 2020-2021 Highlights)

As the world faced a rapidly accelerating pandemic, Southville was giving birth to a new generation of technologically-savvy academicians and students furthering their quest for excellence. Southville now offers its VOLT programs from K-12 and College worldwide providing excellence in virtual education anywhere. Southville and its alumni equally shared successes, earning the trust and admiration of celebrated and respected institutions worldwide. While the institution consistently forged international alliances and partnerships, among its honorable alumni are Gen Mark Tanno – Software Engineer at Facebook and Microsoft, Mark Gonzales – Test Lead Vision Processor, MARS 2020 Rover: Perseverance, Abegail “Abby” Arevalo – Newly Acclaimed Professional Golfer to name a few. Southville has contributed to the battle against the pandemic through its innovation and commitment to achieve. Concurrent with its international milestones are Southville’s perpetual efforts to ensure academic and employment opportunities as part of the institution’s resolute approaches to the crisis. The institution has ensured both livelihood and operations stability in the last two years. It provided technological and financial support to staff, faculty, and students in need and a flexible work arrangement during the peak of the pandemic. 

Where are we headed? 

Southville celebrates its 31st Founding Anniversary and in light of the nationwide efforts to recover from the pandemic, it supports the upcoming pilot run of face-to-face classes in the country in minimal risk areas which passed the readiness assessment for school reopening. Parents and students are being offered with diversified blended learning options following the successful launch of the Virtual Online Learning and Teaching (VOLT) program in 2020. The anticipated recurrence of face-to-face classes has made teachers and staff more adept in the days ahead in the event that the initial run of face-to-face classes succeeds and increase more schools, public and private, to officially welcome back learners to their respective campuses. Even before the pandemic, Southville has been known for its excellence in digital education. With the Southville FLEX Global Campus launched early this year, students who wish to learn online learning locally or abroad have a world-class learning opportunity. Be it online or physical, Southville’s expansion is unstoppable having another campus soon to be launched called the Monarch’s International Preschool in Antel Grand Village, General Trias, Cavite. In quest of digital and physical diversification, the Quest for Excellence award that the school received only proves Southville’s respected reputation as the Philippine’s top international school for its numerous global achievers, international recognitions, and highest population of 21st Century learners. 

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