The Art of Ballet: ACTS Manila at Southville

The Art of Ballet: ACTS Manila at Southville


Southville International School & Colleges (SISC) is proud of its partnership with ACTS Manila for its ballet program. Backed by three decades of dance and teaching experience, ACTS Manila offers international credentials through the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (ACB) Assessment Exams conducted by Australian ballerina and author, Ms. Christine Walsh, A.M.

ACTS Manila holds annual ballet recitals at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theater where some of the world’s greatest artists perform.

Like SISC, ACTS Manila espouses the importance of technique in training and the merits of performance. In the ACB exams, students are prepared to face an international examiner who will grade and evaluate them from an objective set of eyes. Students gain vast wealth from rehearsals that includes the values of teamwork, sacrifice, and time management, catapulting in one moment of performance at the annual recital. Moreover, ACTS Manila uses holistic approach that integrates Life 101 lessons in which proper behavior is modeled and discussed pertinent to the development of artists.

ACTS Manila dancers emerge with excellence in dancing and character befitting of leaders in the performing arts who will set the bar in this nation when their time comes.

At present, there are nine Southville students enrolled in the ballet program, namely: Ysabela Grace Rodriguez, Princess Nissi Song, Sophia Marie Lausingco, Seorin Park, Seohui Park, Therese Antonella Suarez, Erin Boer, Dhriti Sharma, and Athena Margeaux Maliwanag. These students have performed in various programs and venues, latest of which was “Starry, Starry Night” at the Cultural Center of the Philippines on April 15, 2015, wherein they pitted ballet talents with other ballet performers from 18 other big named institutions.

“I am glad that our students excel in the field of performing arts. They are indeed multi-talented and are sure to be successful performers in the future,” says Ms. Avic Suarez, Principal of Basic Education.

ACTS Manila at Southville is also open to non-Southville students. For inquiries, please contact Teacher Jan Manlapig, Director at 0939-921-5452 and 0922-833-5856.