Time Management Tips for Students

Students have a lot of going through their life. Too many projects, too many subjects to study, too many things to learn, too many terminologies to memorize, and you only have 24 hours per day. No wonder it’s never easy to manage your time effectively especially if you are studying in one of the international schools in Manila. .
Plan ahead of time.
As Benjamin Franklin put it, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This is why before anything else, you need to plan ahead of time. List down all the things you need to do. Organize how you are going to do them. Are there any materials you need to get them done? Set a schedule for each one of these tasks so you know how to squeeze them in one day.
Know your priorities
This generation seem to always want to do more. However, doing all these things simultaneously may only result to a low quality results due to half-baked efforts when doing it. This is why you’ve got to know which one you should prioritize. Is the deadline for this project tomorrow? Then, you might as well list it down as top priority.
Discover your most productive time of the day
We can’t generalize that everybody is the productive during the wee hours of the morning. However, only you can determine which time of the day you are most productive. If you are most efficient during morning, then you better do the most difficult tasks during that time. This way, you can easily tackle the less difficult ones even when you’re not productive enough to work on it.
Avoid procrastination
The thing here is that, procrastination strikes even before you know it. So, make sure to watch out for it and avoid it as soon as you notice that you’re doing something else instead of finishing a project. For example, you may have been reading this post instead of doing your homework.
Always be punctual
If you really want to manage your time effectively, make sure that you do things on time. Be strict. If you list down to do a homework for an hour, get it done in a span of one hour. No excuses. Because when you exceed and delayed one task, the others will also follow, just like a domino effect.

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