Top 5 PTE Review Centers in the Philippines 2024

Top 5 PTE Review Centers in the Philippines 2024

Southville International School and Colleges is a distinguished educational institution in the Philippines, celebrated for its rigorous English proficiency program designed to elevate students to global communication standards. By integrating renowned assessments like TOEIC and TOEFL into their curriculum, Southville doesn’t only prepare students for these tests; it has a storied history of producing top scorers, demonstrating a deep commitment to instilling a high level of English proficiency.

With the increasing globalization and demand for proficient English speakers, the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic has become an essential asset for Filipinos aiming to study, work, or migrate abroad. Quality preparation is vital to excel in this exam, and selecting the right review center can make all the difference. Here, we present the top PTE review centers in the Philippines for 2024, ensuring you have the best guidance on your journey to success

1 9.0 Niner English


Niner Online Review Center stands out for its flexibility and comprehensive online programs. It has built a reputation for delivering quality education through digital platforms, which is ideal for those with demanding schedules. Their robust curriculum, crafted by seasoned PTE experts, is designed to tackle every aspect of the test, helping students achieve impressive results. The personalized feedback and multitude of practice resources are some of the highlights that make Niner a top choice among PTE aspirants.

9.0 Niner English Review Program:

  • lecturers who scored stellar marks in the exams and are fellow non-native speakers, and so know the struggle you go through in learning the language better than those who never had to
  • a CELTA-certified lecturer
  • more than 100 video lectures in an online dashboard that can be replayed as many times as needed to allow for self-paced learning
  • a full library of originally developed test preparation materials, grammar and vocabulary exercises, and guidance on immigration and student visa concerns
  • an expanded team of coaches for individual Writing and Speaking feedback

2. PTE Magic


For aspirants looking for a magical touch in their preparation, PTE Magic offers exactly that. This center prides itself on its innovative learning techniques and state-of-the-art resources. With a focus on a student-centric approach, PTE Magic provides tailored coaching sessions, which address individual weaknesses and bolster strengths. Their modern facilities and engaging teaching methods make learning a delightful experience, leading to high success rates reported by many of their students.

Program: PTE Magic Review Program

• Unlimited live classes
• PTE AI-Scoring platform with 100% real exam questions
• 1 AI-scored mock tests & Detailed feedback by trainer
• Magic templates with special tips and tricks
• Practice & Feedback from trainers in classes

3. PTE Review Center


PTE Review Center has made a name for itself through its structured and well-organized programs. Emphasizing both skill-building and exam strategies, this center offers a range of services including mock tests and personalized tutoring. Their thorough and systematic approach ensures that students gain a profound understanding of the test format and develop the necessary skills to succeed. The positive feedback and high scores achieved by their graduates validate their effectiveness.

PTE Review Center Program:

  • Our instructors are successful test-takers and are highly-qualified English instructors.
  • Get exclusive access to discounted PTE test vouchers and mock tests.
  • Personal log-in details to the e-learning platform
  • Exclusive access to over 200 test item questions
  • Refresh your grammar and polish your pronunciation with the help of our English Enhancement module.

4. Iris Review Center


Rounding out the list is the Iris Review Center, known for its commitment to excellence and innovative teaching methodologies. Iris provides a holistic learning environment with a blend of traditional and technology-aided instruction. Their comprehensive review programs focus on developing critical thinking and language proficiency, empowering students to tackle the PTE exam confidently. The center’s dedicated support team and experienced instructors have made Iris a go-to option for many aspiring PTE candidates.

Iris Review Center Program:

• Sessions are a combination of LECTURES (learn about the test format, techniques, and strategies) and WORKSHOPS (apply the strategies you’ve learned first hand).
• Packed with Lecture Materials
• Packed with Supplementary Materials
• FLEXIBLE (classes are tailored to your availability)




CEVAS or the Center for English and Verbal Acuity Studies, is another strong contender known for its meticulous and thorough PTE preparation programs. CEVAS focuses on intensive training that encompasses detailed practice tests, tailored strategies, and comprehensive skills enhancement. Their professional instructors, who possess extensive experience in English language training, are dedicated to ensuring students not only pass but excel in their PTE exams.

CEVAS Review Program:

  • Group Classes / One-on-one coaching
  • Unlimited Review until passing the exam
  • Mock examination and testing