Welcome Message AY 2024-2025

Welcome Message AY 2024-2025

Dear Southville International School and Colleges Community,

Welcome to our vibrant and dynamic educational community! We are proud to be part of a rich history that spans over three decades, nurturing individuals who shape the future of society. Our journey began with the aspiration of our founder, Dr. Genevieve Ledesma-Laurel, to provide an education that would stand tall on the global stage.

From our humble beginnings as a preschool, we have grown into an institution that spans from K12 to college and graduate school, with a commitment to our strategic imperatives: student success, advancement of technology, and pursuit of lifelong learning. Our success is evident in our students’ acceptance into premier universities worldwide, stellar performance in licensure examinations, and their successful forays into the professional realm.

We are proud of our commitment to technology enhancement, ensuring that we remain abreast of the rapid digital evolution that refine both pedagogy and administrative operations. Our dedication to lifelong learning empowers not just our students but also our faculty and staff with continuous professional development.

As we continue our journey, we invite you to explore our rich history and join us in our commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. Together, we will shape the future of education and empower our students to become global leaders.

Warm regards,

Jocelyn Tizon, PhD

President, Southville International School and Colleges

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