Welcome Message from the President – AY 2022-2023

Welcome Message from the President – AY 2022-2023

Let me be the first to welcome you to Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) for the academic year 2022-2023! 

I hope you share my excitement in welcoming students back to campus for blended learning. We have many reasons to be proud of the ways in which our students have risen to the challenges of adjusting to learning in new virtual formats, but we are excited about the prospect of all of them enjoying experiential learning, campus life, and community engagement once again.

You will remember that we embarked on a partial return to campus last academic year and managed to support a hybrid approach to learning without interruption. Our students adapted well to our Hybrid Virtual Online Learning & Teaching (HyVOLT) Program and progressed well academically. We will continue that momentum of blending in-person and remote learning this new school year with fully online classes continuing to be offered to those who are not yet ready to return to campus.

We are happy to find our initial step of allowing small, in-person classes successful, revealing what we can accomplish together if we all do our part of complying with SISC’s health and safety measures. I ask for your continued compliance with all of these practices and protocols to keep our community safe and healthy. We will continue to monitor all developments and public health directives, and any changes will be communicated immediately to all parents and students.

We begin this new academic year with an even stronger sense of purpose and unity, forged by the experiences of the past years. Whatever the pandemic has thrown at us, it has also brought us together in new ways, strengthened our relationships, and united us in the mission to expand the horizons of our students. We have learned so much and we will carry those gains forward. The day when our entire SISC community can safely return to campus will be a happy one, indeed.

We can’t wait to see you!