Why We Love Southville’s Virtual Online Learning and Teaching (VOLT) Program

Why We Love Southville’s Virtual Online Learning and Teaching (VOLT) Program

Parents and students welcomed the academic year 2020-2021 with the Southville Virtual Online Learning and Teaching (VOLT) program to their homes. Households, especially parents and guardians get the hang of overseeing the needs of students whilst co-teaching their children as they also work from home. While it seemed impossible to happen, the VOLT program of Southville has had families adapt to it and make learning fun FROM HOME just like how exciting it is in school. 

A Day in the Life of a Southville VOLT Student


Financial Consultant, Ms. Nicole Suarez-Miranda, is  a Southville alumna who witnessed the institution’s technology-driven academic system years back. “They (Southville) have been prepared even before the pandemic,” she shared. Currently in Grade 1, her daughter Natalia Adrianna joined Southville  just in time for something new, something more challenging yet the school has long prepared for. Her meetings coincide with Natalia’s VOLT classes which led them to working and studying together, ensuring that her daughter will comprehend enough and slowly get used to learning virtually. Across their little table, her attention simultaneously shifts to Natalia, giving her an adorable view of what the new normal has for families to watch their children learn every second of their school life with them. For families, the pandemic has many learning aspects highly considered like communication, teamwork, and creativity. With the Southville VOLT program that has taken place everywhere, strategies had to be made especially by the head of the family. “This set-up has to involve everyone in the house …from me, my wife, my daughter and even our helper. It’s letting everyone know what is happening and what you need from each other to survive this kind of situation,” Mr.  Mars Miranda, Natalia’s father said. 

The Virtual Online Learning and Teaching (VOLT) Program by Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) promises the same quality of international education in its new platform with highly-trained virtual teachers aiming for student independence with less adult supervision even if they are at the comfort of their homes.  The strong parent-teacher collaboration, one of Southville’s best practices, has an apparent impact on households transitioning from traditional to digital schooling allowing parents and guardians to also focus on their own work schedule. Southville has successfully mobilized the program, well-received by its community in the past month, where students are guaranteed safe at home and academically on track. 

Stay AMAZING while you stay at home.

Be Amazing. Be Southville.

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