On Traffic and Parking Concerns -

On Traffic and Parking Concerns

The closure of private lots along Lima Street used for parking is placed about 80 cars. This seems to be one of the causes of traffic jam at certain hours of the day. Southville Management is working with the community leaders, Legacy Homes Association, Brgy. BF International, Traffic Management Group, BF Homes and OB Montessori management to solve the problem. Our local barangay has posted additional 4 traffic enforcers to assist all motorist during peak times to supplement our number of guards.
Southville has about 180 parking slots located all over the campuses and buildings used at full capacity to date. To help ease the traffic, Owner-driven cars will be given priority in terms of parking. All employees are requested to park in their designated areas such that the current parking areas will be used by students and guests. At that moment, there is a continuing negotiation with private lot owners to operate private parking for 80 to 100 cars for Southville students.
Our security guards’ skills in traffic management is being enhanced with additional training while the Traffic Management Group of Las Piñas City is assisting by conducting audit so we can come up with measures to ease traffic.
The sudden closure of the BF Homes lots along Lima St. was so sudden and has affected all the stockholders in community. The Southville management assures everyone that responsive and exigent measures are being done to manage the traffic situation.
We ask for your kind indulgence.

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