Preparing Your Little Child in His First Day in an International School -

Preparing Your Little Child in His First Day in an International School

One of the most anticipated days for parents is the first day of school of their children; the first step towards learning and growing up. However, as any changes in life, most kids are not initially comfortable with this and will get bad-tempered in class. But still, as a parent you can exert efforts to do some activities prior to this event to prepare your little one in his first day. .

Visit the school together.
Isn’t it more comfortable to have seen the place with a loved one before staying there alone? Before your child gets lost in the busy hallways of a school, it is better to have a tour with him. Show him where his classroom will be and, of course, the comfort rooms and canteen. Give him a chance to have a feel of the area so he wouldn’t feel at loss in his first day.

Meet and greet with the teachers.
In connection with your school visit, it is also a good opportunity for your child to meet the people whom he’s going to be with during the school hours. This way, he won’t feel anxious having random strangers around him.

Have a storytelling session
So as not to give a heavy atmosphere when talking to your child about his first day, use a storytelling session to portray what you would like to say to him. Make a story about a child in his first day. Not only he will enjoy this but also, this will have a higher chance to be remembered. All these are done to foster a sense of familiarity and comfort when your child finally begin his/her learning journey in one of the international schools in Manila. Whatever the result maybe, all you can do as a parent is to stay and support your child in his/her endeavors.

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