Psychology Validating Examination -

Psychology Validating Examination

The College of Psychology held its Validating Examination last January 26, 2015. Eighteen (18) fourth year BS Psychology graduating students took the exam. The validating examination intends to assess the competence of the Psychology majors of Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) before they graduate. It is composed of various major subjects including Psychological Assessment, Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology, and Personality Theories. The examination is considered a “mock board exam.”

The College of Psychology seniors were given ample time to prepare for the validating examination. Psychology Chairperson, Mr. Ruel Cajili, set a schedule for the graduating students to review the major subjects included in the examination. He also made sure that every graduating student gets a copy of the reviewers or handouts so everybody may have the convenience of reviewing at home. With these measures, fourth year BS Psychology students were refreshed of the lessons they had taken in the previous semesters. Thus, they are better equipped for the assessment. 100 percent of the examinees passed the validating exam with a general average of 80.28.

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