Remembering Yesterday -

Remembering Yesterday

High school alumna and De La Salle BS Physical Therapy Magna Cum Laude Arisa Takagi talked about her student days at Southville with the Office of Public Relations.

Arisa Takagi started at Southville when she was twelve years old and in Grade 8. Arisa describes her student days as unforgettable because she made long-lasting friendships. She met her best friends with whom she’s in constant communication with until now. In addition, Arisa learned things from her teachers and peers that she has applied in college. “Honestly, what I achieved now, I owe so much to Southville,” she shared. Arisa stated that high school was the time she became serious in her studies. “I had teachers who admired my hardwork such as Mr. Oscar Mendoza, who I will never forget. He told me that I will not have a hard time in college and will be successful in whichever path I take.” In addition, Arisa said it was in Southville that she improved her skills in reading comprehension, listening, grammar, and public speaking, all of which were utilized in college since her course, Physical Therapy required reading thick books, listening to long lectures, reports, and case conferences. Arisa also mentioned that she didn’t have a hard time in thesis writing in college because of the Portfolio Assessment for Southville International School and Colleges Students (P.A.S.S.) in high school. “I was ahead of the class in terms of research methodology, statistics, and writing the research properly as I was well-trained.”

Arisa is thankful to her parents for enrolling her at Southville because her four years in the school were truly worth it. “Southville molded me to become a better person. I can say that I was well-equipped before I entered college. I don’t think I would have performed well if not for my foundation—Southville.”

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