It has been a semester and for all your hard work, you deserve a vacation. You may be dreaming and planning about summer months ago and is now very excited to do the stuff you wanted do. Yes, summer vacation is just around the corner. It is the time of the year wherein you let loose from all your academic attachments and other school related activities.

With all this thrill of the upcoming vation, summer learning loss or the academic skills and knowledge being forgotten over the course of summer vacation is something to think about.

Based on a number of research, most young individuals are experiencing summer learning loss. It happens because they do not engage in educational activities during this season. Moreover, it is a challenge for parents on how to ensure that their children remain productive over the entire summer.

The following are tips on how to avoid summer learning loss:

Evaluate your academic performance

Evaluate your academic performance. Back track what you did the whole semester. Create a list of your achievements. Appreciate your effort by giving yourself a reward.

To balance it out, enlist as well all the things you have yet to accomplish. Also, make an honest assessment of your weak areas. View those things positively and use them to motivate you to become a better student.

Explore the great outdoors

Learning can be obtained almost everywhere. Summer is a great chance to try new things and explore your environment. This season provides considerable amount of time for all sorts of fun and educational activities. Take advantage of this two month long vacation by discovering a new skill.

Many schools offer variety of specialized camps and summer programs that you may be interested with. If you want to avoid summer learning loss, Southville International School and Colleges is one of the international schools in the Philippines that offers a variety of social, mental, artistic, and sports programs that can help you become productive during the vacation.

There are a lot of ways to keep yourself from having summer learning loss. Enjoying the summer may be your ultimate goal but you should also protect yourself from letting the stuff you learned from school be gone.