Second Run: Parenting Seminar -

Second Run: Parenting Seminar

It has been said that family plays a very important role in developing one’s behavior and personality thus building a good family relationship is essential in molding an individual. In line with this, the College of Psychology conducted the second run of its outreach program for parents. A series of parenting sessions were conducted every Saturday afternoon from February 22 to March 22, 2014. This was conducted by the College of Psychology as headed by its faculty and students. It was attended by parents of Phase IV CAA community. The focus was on the importance of communication among the family members. Various activities were conducted to help the parents. Culminating activity was conducted last April 11, 2014 as participated by the parents of CAA. Indeed, it was a successful and meaningful experience to the parents, faculty and staff as they aim for one goal: to build a good relationship in the family among the members in the family.

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