SISC Psychology Students Held Psychology Day -

SISC Psychology Students Held Psychology Day

Last November 27, 2014, the College of Psychology celebrated Psychology Day with the theme “Psychology in the Midst of the 21st Century: Strengthening the Body and the Human Mind.” It is held to let BS Psychology majors demonstrate their creativity, character, collaboration, commitment to achieve, and competence.

The day was truly fun-filled with activities such as parlor games, ice breakers, and basketball among many others.  Through the games, the students exemplified the 5Cs of SISC.  Their participation and eagerness to win every game showed that aside from being academically competent, they are versatile.

What made this year’s Psychology Day different from the past years was the program “Psychology Got Talent.” It aimed to showcase the unique and entertaining talents of Psychology students.

Apart from having fun and bonding with everyone, outstanding students for the past semester were recognized and awarded a certificate.

To end the day, students watched a frightfully shocking film entitled “1408.”  The movie helped the students see vividly how hallucination happens and how it affects a person.

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