SISC Student Successful in Missionary Trip to Mongolia -

SISC Student Successful in Missionary Trip to Mongolia

Though in itself not a sectarian school, the Southville International and Colleges’ myriad spiritual programs, particularly the monthly “Got Life?” activity, inspired sophomore high school student Juan Alfredo “Red” Calayan to embark on a missionary mission to Mongolia last summer.
                Red Calayan, now in his junior year in high school, is part of the A section of his batch, HS III-Conviction. He is active in many school activities, even serving as features editor of the school paper, “The Mover” for Academic Year 2008-2009.
                “The very fact that a 2nd Year HS student with no [income] managed to raise $2000 is a testimony in itself” said Red who tirelessly looked for options, even addressing the entire High School in an assembly, to solicit funding for his trip to Mongolia, where he tirelessly shared his church’s ideals to the people there.
                Red’s mission to Mongolia took him to, in his words, a “dry and dusty” landscape with the added element of extreme cold. Despite being unfamiliar with the environment, Red showed his commitment to his mission—a true showcase of his SISC training and a validation of the school’s commitment to molding students who will become active movers of society.
                Mr. Anthony Paul Calado, High School Principal of SISC, believes that students like Red are testament to the vision and mission of the school. “Our main vision for our students is really for them to become proactive citizens of the world—those who are able to enact proper changes in society. Red ‘s trip to Mongolia is clearly one of making a difference.”

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