Southville Alumna is Magna Cum Laude of America’s Best College -

Southville Alumna is Magna Cum Laude of America’s Best College

2014 U.S. News & World Report’s America’s Best College, Menlo College, has given recognition to Southville International School and Colleges’ Alumna, Samantha Alyssa Tongo. Her exemplary academic performance as a Marketing Communication student paved way to graduating as magna cum laude.

Working as a full-time marketing intern at Cisco, named by Fortune Magazine as one of the best companies to work for in 2013, Samantha has very much made her stay in college a fruitful learning experience.
Samantha shared, “College was fun! I met people with different backgrounds, ages and personalities, took a diverse set of classes that challenged how I think and see the world, and got involved in activities and organizations that opened my mind to different ideas and issues.”
In college, Samantha met people she considers to be her closest friends, networked with professionals, and learned independence. College has allowed her to grow. She expressed, “College really exposed me to many potential career paths. During the first two years I was just taking mental notes of classes I like and don’t like. It wasn’t until my third year in college when I finally declared marketing as my major.”
Further, college has become more of a piece of cake for Samantha as she has been prepared way back before entering college.
“Southville, particularly the IB Diploma program, helped me by giving me a more international perspective on issues and the world, and by preparing me for the rigorous academia abroad,” said Samantha. She added, “All my teachers in their own ways challenged how I think and act; therefore, inspiring me to be the best I can be.”
Samantha plans to build up her resume and gain as much industry experience as possible. She advises fellow Southville Monarchs to accept challenges, try new things and take opportunities as they will be surprised as to where life will take them, the same way that she is experiencing.
“It’s okay not to have everything figured out right now. Although it may seem scary, opening your mind to what the world can offer will expose you to different versions of yourself that you never thought would have been possible.”
Samantha is a solid proof of Southville’s commitment to prepare its students to become leaders and movers of society—making them exemplary in their own field and discipline.