Southville-Innove Alumna Headlines University Golf Scene -

Southville-Innove Alumna Headlines University Golf Scene

Southville International School and Colleges – INNOVE Education Solution alumna Abegail Arevalo is the rising superstar of the San Jose State University Golf Team. In her school’s latest foray, Abby finished 6th out of 45 contenders, and 1st in her school’s golf roster, in the Mountain West Conference Championship last April 18-20, 2016.

In her email, she excitedly announced to her friend, Miss Anjer, that she was finally number 1! And she was! She was the 1st finisher of their school roster and she finished 6th overall in recent conference. She also expressed that her success is due to her commitment to achieve, one of the 5Cs Southville taught all its students and she also promised that she will continue to make her Southville family proud.

“I may have learned a lot of academics in Southville, but the most important lesson I learned was the commitment to achieve. Southville reminded me to stay driven to reach my goals.”

Abby had been in Southville since preschool and finished her High School through INNOVE Education Solution. She was grateful to Southville for being flexible and accommodating to her hectic golf career.

“My favorite memory was hanging out with my friends in the solar tents on lunch breaks before I got into the International Container Terminal Services Inc.-The Country Club Republic of the Philippines (ICTSI-TCC RP) Team in the middle of my 2nd year in high school. I was about to move out of Southville for home school when Ms. Avic, the Principal, and Ms. Gladys, the Deputy Principal, told me about the INNOVE program. It was perfect and convenient for me because I was able to have my own schedule with my own set of teachers. I played golf more than I was in school which was difficult. I play twenty-four tournaments every year. I’m thankful for the INNOVE program because my teachers adjust to my pace and I was able to graduate on time.”

Despite all the odds, she promised to continue to motivate herself to be the best golfer because she knows the pain and struggle will be worth it in the end.

“It feels great to score the best in my team during the Mountain West Conference Championship because I hate being called “number 4” and I am working my way to be number 1 in our team. As for our team, we will make sure we will perform better next year!”

Abby would like to encourage the aspiring golf enthusiasts to just go for it and never back down.

“It is definitely not an easy sport but it is worth it because you will learn life lessons. An example is that, if life brings you down when you lose, just get back up and do better. I may have won trophies and medals, but what I have really won in my golf career is that I am a better person now than I was before.”

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