Southville International School And Colleges Shares The Secrets Of Successful Teachers

Las Piñas City – Southville International School and Colleges is hosting a public training open to all school teachers and administrators on the secrets of successful teachers every Saturday starting April 23 until May 21, 2016. The seminars and workshops organized by the Taylor Center for Professional Development (TCPD), a division of Southville that designs programs aimed at helping schools to deliver quality education and services.

The attendees will require techniques on (1) developing teaching methodologies that foster student involvement and cooperation in classroom activities; and (2) meeting the needs of the students with varying levels of knowledge, interests, understanding and learning styles; among others.

For further details, please contact Ms. Ceshyr Bauzon or Ms. Glendee Gaviola at (02) 825-6374 or (02) 825-0766 local 310 or 199 or 09163234106.

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